Well. . .nuts

So I caught Steve’s cold, and it’s a doozy.  The Original Plan had been for me to go into town this morning to do grocery and banking things, then come home and write.

Clearly, I’m not going to town in this condition, but I’m still going to have to figure out how to write with a splitting headache, hacking cough, and muscle aches, because that can’t not happen.  I’m thinking the schedule for the day will be:  nap for an hour, work for twenty minutes, lather-rinse-repeat.  All the while staying hydrated.  Easy-peasy.

This is what comes of hanging out in cancer centers and doctor’s offices, I suppose.  And, as a Special Bonus, it probably also means that!

Sprite’s vet visit, twice re-scheduled, will be re-scheduled again.  I think this time I’ll just throw in the towel and Call Back When Things Are More Settled.

Real Life is so inconsiderate…

Everybody stay healthy.


11 thoughts on “Well. . .nuts”

  1. Very sorry to hear you are ill! Nurse-y Fixit says, “Gramma’s Chicken Soup, Echinacea and Vitamin C.” Sash says, “and there is always a hot bubble bath of suitable restoratives, Irish Coffee, pinon incense, candles and suitable music.”

  2. Are you sure it’s not the flu? Believe me, after having come down with diagnosed flu and an accompanying upper respiratory chest infection requiring 5 days of Tamiflu and ten days of Doxycycline, I earnestly advise you to get checked out and appropriately dosed. This stuff is NASTY and even having finished all my meds I still feel wrung out and stomped on. The nasal swab they do to have the lab diagnose actual flu does in fact feel like , as the nurse so succinctly and accurately put it, they are scraping your brain out, but if you come back with lab results indicating flu, believe me Tamiflu can literally be a lifesaver. My cousin down in Georgia (Atlanta) told me that every bed in their 297 bed hospital has a flu patient in it. And many of them have gotten pneumonia to add to their misery.

    And I had the flu shot. I don’t believe it was even 10% effective!

    Take care.
    Anne in Virginia

  3. My daughter who now lives 1,200 miles away, just came down the flu. This particular flu is beyond nasty, daughter dropped 22 pounds in two days.

    Be careful out there.

  4. Sorry you are ill – yes, it must be Sprite’s fault.

    A late comment on cats as office equipment: my cat both shreds paper and is a paperweight.

    The best use of a cat in an office was by Peter Sellers in the film
    “The Wrong Box” (1966) in which he plays a doctor who blots
    his signature with one of his cats.

  5. Beware the flu – graph at the CDC shows a big spike happening. If you think its flu you must act fast for anti-virals to help. As far as the non-prescription approaches to taking care of yourself I’m a fan of extra vitamin d, hottest baths you can stand with Epson salts and lots of herbal tea.

  6. MM in Louisiana
    Please take advice on flu. It ripped through our family from the week before Christmas to a week ago. Nine of us – the grandkids (adults) were home for Christmas and were immediately taken to urgent care & got Tamiflu which helped them over it in four days.
    Granddad did not, and suffered six days of fever as high as 104.7.
    He toughed it out, but it really is nasty and may just be attacking in your area. Stay warm, listen to your body.

  7. Also shared with my husband. Staved it off with essential oils long enough for him to get to his feet and tag team me with the soup and tea routine. Friend of ours is a big fan of whiskey honey and lemon

  8. Have you tried antibiotic biscuits? – basic cookie dough (1 egg, brown sugar) to which you add 100 g each of dark chocolate chips, unsalted peanuts, raisins (and handfuls of anything else that takes your fancy, such as assorted seeds, M&Ms….) They may not cure you, but since they freeze well a prophylactic batch can be made at a suitable time, and of course sampled periodically to make sure they are still in good condition. Hope you feel better soon.

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