Welp, I wouldn’t’ve told you I’d gotten well enough to actually have a relapse, but there you are.  Stupid disease.

ANYhow, I’m shutting the place down.  No Confusion will be manufactured until I am well.  I am forthwith instituting a Schedule of re-reading old favorites when I’m awake, listening to classical music, and napping whenever I fall asleep.  Also, yes, very likely a doctor’s appointment, though ’twas a doctor’s office which wrought this in the first place.

Yes, the sound you hear is the deadline screaming.  We’ll cope with that later.

Everybody stay well.

7 thoughts on “Adulting”

  1. YIPES!!! Don’t know what relapsed but hope it leaves entirely and stays away forever. Very gentle hugs.
    Ps loved degrees of separation

  2. I also had a relapse of The Cold That Has No End. I seem to be coming out the other side now, so, fingers crossed! Sounds like you are doing exactly what it takes to root it out. Hugs!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. Please take care of yourself. Have just received my copy of Eurogenisis st last and it is so good

  4. Me, too. Relapse that is. Cold That Has No End is so right. Right now gently re-reading Ellis Peters Cadfael mysteries. And watching the birds drive the cat crazy. Love that machine gun chatter she makes

  5. Sharon, if you haven’t been to the doctor, I urge you to go.

    there is a video on CNN right now about the ways flu can kill. at its end it gives some warning signs, including symptoms that improve then suddenly return, with fever and possibly worse cough. (i.e., relapse!)

    Please take care of yourself!

  6. How rotten. Chronic and seasonal illnesses meet, discover how much they have in common, start talking trade and bam! can’t get them to part company with each other, or you, more’s the pity. I got shanked by colleagues deep in a region not on anatomical diagrams, the place where Self-Identity connects with a sense of What’s Right: in celebration, a couple varieties of unwellness are trading fist bumps and throwing devil horns. A norbear would keel over dead if I tried to cuddle one feeling like this.

    and, if I could provide a pic of Pepe here it would be adorable.

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