Well the first days are the hardest days; don’t you worry anymore

So, the Chromebook, which still lacks a name. . .

Polaris Office has stooped to renting itself monthly, and — just no.  I therefore downloaded and rejected about a dozen other word processors from the Play Store, and was starting to suspect that Google was trying to quash all of the competition and force the unhappy author into Google Drive.

My last try was AndrOpenOffice, which I was warned might not be optimized for my device, and indeed it was a slow load.  Once down, however, it seems to be working just fine.  I’ll give it a thorough test drive, and if it continues to perform well, will upgrade to the pro version.

The other thing I did was download Eset for Mobile, which I figured would install itself and get to work, as it has on both my tablet and my phone — and there I was surprised.  Eset and Chrome seem to have some serious differences.  Who knew?

In other news, I’ve been going great guns on the short story which is not Fifth of Five.  At this point, I’m hoping that the novel will Grow Jealous of my involvement with Another Narrative and start Throwing Out Lures.  It’s happened before…

This morning, I went with Steve to the cardiologist, where we received the sad news that the doctor he’s been seeing for a while, who we both liked, personally and professionally, will be leaving on December 31.  Next appointment — new doctor.

After the cardiologist, we went to breakfast at Governor’s, and then came home.  I cleaned the cats’ water fountain, wrote 1,000 words on that side story, ate lunch and zipped off to yoga.

I’m taking Gentle Yoga, which I took before, at a different location and with a different teacher, and I must say, the two courses could not be more different.  This instructor focuses on keeping track of what your body is telling you, and on breath.  The former instructor scarcely spoke of breath, save an occasional reminder to the class to remember to breathe, and not to stretch too far.

I am tending to find the present course’s pacing a little slow; on the other hand, I’ve worked up a sweat by the end of it, so maybe I’ll do fast later.

. . .and I think that’s everything I’ve got right now, as I try to not keep too close an eye on the elections. . .


Today’s blog post title brought to you by The Grateful Dead, “Uncle John’s Band,” which has been my constant earworm for the last two days.  Here’s your link.  You’re welcome.

9 thoughts on “Well the first days are the hardest days; don’t you worry anymore”

  1. May I suggest that the Chromebook be named for something that wears chrome? Like, oh, the silver thunderbird? Or something else that wears chrome?
    It’s amazing how different yoga classes can be, right?
    Thank you for the earworm.
    No, really, for once I’m digging it.

  2. I think a lot of commercial software is heading towards the ‘monthly rental’ scenario. Another good reason to use open source software as much as possible

  3. I find it interesting that we read some of the same things and in seeing your latest I wonder if you have read the Mrs. Polifax books by Dorothy Gilman. I was so sorry she passed away as I enjoyed her books.

  4. If you are a Dead fan, November of every year is called “Days of Dead” and for every day in November you can download a high quality mp3 of a selected song. Just Google “Days of Dead” without quotes. If the Chrome OS is too annoying, you can install linux and have available Open Office or Libre Office or even Scriviner. There is also Gott Focus Writer for linux.

  5. Yeah, installing Linux on the Chromebook was my Plan B. Better, though, if it can be made to function to my demanding standards without requiring extensive work behind the nose, as it were.

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