Sunday in the country

So we woke up this morning to find that the heat wasn’t working.  This was something of a problem because it got chilly last night — not cold, mind you, but chilly  — +/- 20F/-7C, and the house temp had got down to 60F/16C, which is cooler than elder writers, and coon cats, prefer.

Steve went down to the engine room to Survey the Situation, and found it dire enough that we put in a call for emergency service from Dead River, which maintains the furnace.

Very shortly after, Rick appeared to change out the “can valve” which had become corroded, and we thought the fix was in, but!  It wasn’t.  The heat still didn’t make, and Rick diagnosed a blown control board, theorizing that it had happened when the power came back on earlier in the week, and the generator shut down.  He would, of course, have to order in a control panel, which would take several days.

Back down to the engine room he went, to take down Pertinent Numbers and Codes, and in the process jiggled a loose wire, and!  The heat came on.

Currently, the house is warming, and we’re to call if the system kicks out again, whereupon Rick will order in the new control panel.

So much for the planned lazy Sunday morning.

This entry is being made using my new Chromebook C202S, which I’ve just about got set up the way I like it.  Had to upgrade the OS so it will accept (some) Android apps, so I’m not dependent on Google docs, which I loathe, or the internet, which is not always available to one, “the cloud” being something that afflicts urban areas, but has not yet migrated out into the wild lands.  The two big things left to do here are to convince the machine to see and save to the SD card — and to find a proper name.

In addition to the above, today’s plans include finishing up the laundry, and doing some serious work on the story and! the novel in progress.

Also cuddling coon cats, who have been Much Put Upon today.

So, that catches us up, I think.

Everybody enjoy the day.


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