Well the man out to end us had a hurricane business; he’d raise them from babies all by himself

We, by which I of course mean Steve, have seen the laundry done.  Next up is a blankie run, which is surely needed, but which may not happen today.

We, by which I mean I, have gone as far as I can with the story commissioned for Baen.com, which is today entitled “Block Party.”  This means that it now goes to Steve for his review and modifications.

Today’s to-do list includes catching up with some more of my backlogged email, and opening up the working file for Fifth of Five, which continues to refuse a title, and re-acquaint myself.

Of possible interest to those reading here is the fact that the turn-in deadline for Fifth of Five has been shifted to March 31.  Wrap-up books are hard.

Let’s see. . .in case you missed it, the eArc for Neogenesis is now available in every electronic format known to Man or Clutch, from Baen:  here’s your link.  You may also use the link to read the first seven chapters of the book, for free.

To the best of my knowledge — and Trooper’s, too! — we will be stay-at-home writers for the rest of the year.  This is a good thing, because, frankly, we’re exhausted, and also we have Deadlines, which, inexplicably, did not get any further away while we were rusticating in Real Life.

Weatherwise, we seem to be under hurricane weather, again; at the moment the air is sodden and still.  The Weatherbeans are calling with one voice for rain, all day.

. . .and that’s all the news that’s fit, today.

Today’s blog post title comes from Tom Petty, “A Mind with a Heart of it’s Own.”  Here’s your link.


7 thoughts on “Well the man out to end us had a hurricane business; he’d raise them from babies all by himself”

  1. I am loving Neogenisis! Just finished my second read through. I am looking forward to reading the 5th of 5!

    Trooper is one beautiful cat. Good job of lolling around, Trooper!

  2. We’re on our annual vacation in Belfast (Maine). Rain, fog, sea fog …. but so still that the harbor buoy is scarcely ringing.

  3. Well that’s one still, though not sodden, kitty cat that is. My own fur bearin’ critter is currently at my back sleeping and taking up a full 2/3rds of the bed. If I need to lie down I must move tail or paw or both – depending upon the dowager catness’ current whim. I am, in current parlance, p-whupped and only slightly embarrassed to be so. She’s had 17 years to wear me down. Look upon me with softer eyes and judge me not harshly…

  4. for fifth-of-five, a proposed title: Resolution (or Resolutions) since, one hopes, it’ll resolve a whole lotta of long-unresolved stuff.

  5. Now, you know the instant you title a book something like RESOLUTION, it’s going to get stubborn and go in a completely different direction. I’m contemplating MONKEY BUSINESS, myself, in the time-honored tradition of, if you can’t find a title, you can do much worse than to steal from the Marx Brothers.

  6. So, don’t TELL it you’re going to title it RESOLUTION,… just sorta sneak up on it after you’ve finished. 🙂

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