In other news, pain hurts

So, yesterday, being our first day back home in Quite A While, We had Stuff to do, including laundry, which Steve took on while I settled accounts and various whatnot.  My back had ached a bit when I got up, but since that’s more or less the nature of the beast, I ignored it, which works 99 percent of the time.

. . .only not yesterday.

The pain got worse during the day (I say this, who has a very high tolerance for the stuff), and by about 7 o’clock I called Uncle, who directed me to the Emergency Room.  There, I received an exam and a diagnosis —  muscle spasms and! you’re not 25 anymore, Woman — a shot of what turns out to be high-strength, liquid ibuprofen, a prescription for muscle relaxants in addition to one to see me through last night, and Strong Advice to acquire and use a standing desk.

Today, I am bouncing back and forth between heating pad and desk, and trying to settle the correct dose of ibuprofen.  Normal service may resume tomorrow, but I’m thinking Thursday is more likely.

Everybody stay well.

9 thoughts on “In other news, pain hurts”

  1. My dad had huge benefit from using standing desks (even had the OED up on a stand). For getting a quick start on one it’s possible to use items like shoe shelves or closet dividers to raise the most-used items up to the right height (he started with the monitor and keyboard and a work surface). This lets you see if it will work for you before you spend $$$$ on a desk.
    Sometimes a drafting table can be made to serve. “Pub-height” tables were all the rage a while ago and might be findable used for small $.
    Or, if the budget permits, Ikea has several desks that can be used at either sit or stand height – one adjusts with a crank, and appears to be shippable to Maine at a reasonable price: . The power desks cost *lots* more to ship.

  2. Also consider a desk built around a treadmill. Walking very slowly while working has anecdotally provided benefits in terms of mental alertness and even a bit of weight loss.

  3. Had some of that couple years back.
    Started exercising, we are fortunate to have the so called Kieser Training ( in Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Australia(!) and Swiss.
    Works by making all your main thews strong, which has several very nice effects on quality of life.
    Maybe you can find something the like.
    Or just found Kieser Training US 🙂

  4. Standing desks are great, I have used one in the past. What seems to help me at least as much is to make sure I get up and move around, especially if I am sitting a lot, at least once an hour if not more frequently. My friendly Fitbit gives me a reminder to move every hour.

    Hope your back stops acting up. Cheers.

  5. Get well, Sharon.

    And welcome back, hope your trip went well.

    I just got a new car and I find that its drivers seat has no lumbar support, which I need. still struggling to find a way of forcing the lower back to arch a little, without causing my neck and head to crash into the stupid headrest (which is way too far forward, as in most modern cars).

    I’ve gotten rid of the lower back pain by being careful of my posture and forcing myself to keep the back arched (as it should be) while seated. (and for the one day when it was unbearable, plenty of ibuprofen and remaining horizontal.)

    But whatever it is you need to do, please do it. when you’re in excruciating pain you can’t think clearly enough to write! 🙂

    Best wishes, too!

  6. ah, bummer. so sorry! I found a sturdy music stand can act as a good standing desk option for a laptop computer. Take care of you – you’re a National Treasure in our household!
    praying for your back,

  7. The newer studies show the standing desks have the same issues as the regular desks. It’s not so much the standing that helps. As Wilma said, it’s the moving that helps. Of course, it’s a lot easier to move with a standing desk!

    Thinking good thoughts at you.

  8. Great sympathy. I had a fall off my bike this morning and gakked myself in the throat with a handlebar so I have my own chorus of “Newsflash: pain actually hurts.” I can’t eat regular food, can barely talk, and am told this will last for days. And of course, no bike-riding, until I can turn my head without acute pain. On the other hand I’m alive, and if the handlebar had hit in a slightly different place, I might not be.

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