2 thoughts on “Belle and Trooper sitting in a tree”

  1. Why is it that cats like hard surfaces to lie on? Our Toby much prefers the window sills in the conservatory or the worktop in same place to the settee or chairs in the living room, Though one of the dining chairs is often picked if he manages to sneak in there, he is banned from the dining room as there are places to climb on that we don’t want him climbing on 🙁

  2. Well, in the case of the particular hard surface shown, it’s directly in front of a really splendid window. They will also camp out on top of the printer in my office, which is in front of the other interesting, but not particularly splendid, window. They will also use my reading chair and curl up with me on the couch. So, for our cats, at least, the lounging point is situational.

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