Friday afternoon ketchup

It’s damp and cold-ish and all my old war wounds ache. Did this stop me from opening the window next to my desk so I could hear the rain? What a silly question.
In other news, my loaf didn’t rise as high as one would personally prefer, but! we have proof of concept in that I Can Indeed bake a 9″ loaf of bread in the new toaster oven, which just impresses the heck outta me. Also, Steve made mushroom stock this morning, and this afternoon I heated it, with leftover jasmine rice, a cup full of red lentils, and some carrots, and called it Lunch.
Verizon wants me to know that I now have HD Voice for my phone and that I can now make phone calls through the web, which…is nice. I guess.
And! I have an idea for a story which is not the story I’m supposed to be working on. Of course.
There’s a coon cat snoring under my desk.
So, yanno. Bidness as usual here at the Confusion Factory.
And hoping you’re the same.

One thought on “Friday afternoon ketchup”

  1. Sounds like a lovely day except for the aching war wounds. More pleasant than too hot, too dry, and being menaced by a loose dog while biking, which was my start to the day. Glad for you.

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