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Well, let’s see. . .

I was going to get down to finishing the post-book office clean-up, the taxes, gearing up the files for 2017, and All The Other Stuff that I ignored during the last month of writing Neogenesis, but!

Monday, The Hanging Tree arrived in the mail, so I read it instead of doing any adulting.  Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment, in which several plans were made for health monitoring, including the borked knee.  I’m back to gym, but this time on the recumbent bike, which is apparently less stressful on knee-joints than the treadmill.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to strengthen the knee enough that I’ll actually be able to walk around Niagara Falls in August.  If it’s not significantly better, there’s a cortisone shot in my future, so here’s hoping bike therapy works.

Yesterday, was Steve’s first appointment at the rehab gym, where goal-setting and measurements and other cool things were done.  A three-day-a-week schedule has been put together, which will start next week and continue ’til we leave for MarsCon.  After we come back, re-evaluation will happen.

Today in the mundane world, I’ll get back on putting my office back together, and all the other catch-up.  I’m sure there are people out there who manage to keep all of the chores done and the house clean while on deadline, but it’s a trick I’ve never managed.

I think this catches us up. What’re y’all doing that’s fun?

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  1. Fun things? Just re-read the Carousel Books again = comfort. Can’t say that house-cleaning ever had priority here either, more on the lines of good enough.

    On Niagara, we went summer 2015 to the Canadian side which was lovely. No trouble at customs at all, never got out of the car. Don’t know if anyone has mentioned Hospitality fees or Tourist fees? These we encountered. Here’s an article about them. or if you don’t want to click a link, Google it. We checked every bill and had them removed. Saved about a hundred dollars.


  2. Oh, I do hope you can do the walking in Niagra. I loved it when I was there. Are you staying in Canada or the American side? The view is better from the Canadian side IMO. Unfortunately I can relate on the knee issue, I have severe osteoarthritis in my knees. Just had cortozone a few weeks back and it didnt do much, so we are looking at getting a visco-synthetic (is that a word?) gel injected in both which will add cushioning. This getting old stuff is for the birds! 🙂

  3. Fun stuff? What’s that? Last year November was the one year anniversary of my kitty boy having a stroke. His sister has been lonely since he didn’t come back home. She’s also lost about 2/3rds of her body weight since a huge appetite reduction. She’s been to the vet and, except for some inflammation in her intestines (which she was medicated for) had a clean bill of health. After two visits, X-rays and blood work the vet is stumped. I’m unintentionally steeling myself for the possible loss of my 16 year old fur baby. ::sigh:: It’s been a crappy couple years…

  4. Last year sure didn’t win any popularity contests here, either, and I’d been complaining about 2015. Didn’t know when I had it good. The cats, at least, are doing well; it’s worse when they’re sick than when one of us is sick. I worry about Scrabble, being 12 as she is, but she still seems feisty…

  5. I want to get to the Canadian side, whether we stay there or on the US side is still up in the air. Now that the book is done, I can really dig into that research. Until, yanno, we start the next book. I’ve had cortisone shots in this knee before and it worked for a little while. There had been some talk about the gel injection — I think of it like the extra-viscous synthetic oil you used to put in cars, back when you could actually work on your own car — but I don’t think we went there at the time. Agree — getting old is not for the timid.

  6. Fun? Last week saw a couple of parties, one for work (a retirement party) and one for friends. This week I met an old buddy for Mexican and we talked about the Womens March in DC. She apparently stuck to the TV the whole day and was able to tell me about coverage. Good thing as I couldn’t hear any of the speakers. Tonight the book club meets to discuss LEVIATHAN WAKES. I’d call it a space opera/thriller. Very good. The TV series – which I got on DVD from the library – was slightly different but the basic plot points were the same. Also very good. The mention of ship-mounted railguns made me think of Steve’s thread a few weeks back on the subject.

  7. Since you asked about fun things . . . . Mine was ice skating on a beautiful day with a friend, chatting the entire time. It was heavenly.

  8. I was having a small whinge to my urology consultant a few weeks back about the pitfalls of getting old and he siad it is better to be having problems getting old than not getting old 😉

  9. Need fun? Then welcome to the 2017 Rotovirus Fiesta!! Sound of one hand clapping and a Bronx cheer). Our whole non-feline clan has been down, then up, with this charming condition. The cats have been rushed off their paws Nursing- The- Dying. It got so bad I distinctly remember trying to get Howard to promise not to eat me if we all went. He never did promise, which shows he has an understanding of the use of hyperbole to inject humor into a grim moment. Or, maybe e was keeping his options open ?

  10. I’m envious that you have read The Hanging Tree! I don’t have a copy yet, but I did re-read the series in anticipation. I sure do treasure authors who keep my supplied! (Thanks!)

  11. Reading mostly. Adulting has little appeal, especially since I cleaned & cleared for company and couldn’t walk by the time they arrived. Paper sorting, taxes, laundry all await. So glad you write! Thanks.

  12. I hope your knee gets better well before the Niagara trip, but if it doesn’t, dramatise it to your best ability and make the most of growing old. I found a lot of nice people, who gave me seats on the metro, helped me down stairs, etc, all much appreciated, which I wouldn’t have discovered without a leg in bandages.

    And I envy you your paperweight, to keep the filing under control.

  13. @Chip (and anyone else who needs “cushioning” in their joints) – try therapeutic levels of Glucosamine (1500-2000mg per day).

    When our dog got early onset hip dysplasia (he was only two years old!), the vet said, “Some dogs it helps; some dogs it doesn’t; we’re not sure why, in either case”. It helped our dog. He went from needing a painkiller (hard on the liver) twice a day, to needing it only when it was about to rain… which in west Texas, meant for a couple of days, every couple of months.

    We bought the powder from Source Naturals and sprinkled it on his food. We do that with our current dogs as well, because it’s not going to hurt anything, and may help prevent issues. We don’t bother with the Chondroitin or MSM mix – just the plain old Glucosamine.

    Note that it takes a month or two of use to know if it’s going to help.

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