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Yes, yes, everyone’s fine here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.  We’re simply in the midst of Deadline Heck for various projects, two of which are late, and one of which is coming due Right Soon.  I, personally, have been down deep in the guts of the novel, doing I can’t even tell you, because to do so I would have to change brain trains, and I can’t really do that right now.

On the Mundane Plane, it was snowing yesterday, so we put off going to town. Which of course meant that it snowed even more on the overnight, and is snowing as I type, so I guess we’ll go to town in the snow.

I hear from Uncle Hugo that Mr. Blyly will soon have a page up for the pre-order of singed/personalized copies of The Gathering Edge, the. . .twentieth Liaden Universe® novel.  We’ll let you know when that page is live.

For those of a Hugo nominating bent, the Liaden Universe® is eligible for the brand new Series Hugo, which is being test-driven at this year’s WorldCon.

The cats are all fine, though of course they’d rather we’d do something a little more interesting than sitting in a chair and staring at the computer screens.  Belle has taken to jumping up in the bed in the early morning hours — say around 4:00 am, to Discuss Weighty Matters with me.  Steve is of the opinion that she wants me to add a dining room, so she can have a dining room table to sleep on (we just finished reading The Cat Who Saw Red aloud, and I fear Koko is a bad influence.).  She would also like a Cat Porch to be installed.

. . .I think that’s all I’ve got.  Writers lives are pretty boring, really, especially when we’re working.

Everybody stay well and warm — or cool, depending on your hemisphere.

8 thoughts on “Just checking in”

  1. Koko would be a Bad Influence on anyone. THE CAT WHO SAW RED was the _only_ book in that series to creep me Right Out. Never underestimate the power of a cozy mystery. Never.
    Good luck with the words and the snow.

  2. I’m glad you’re well, if cold. Is Belle’s early morning adventure an attempt at warmth-sharing?

  3. The coon cats have a very complicated shift schedule worked out to accommodate The Thumbs’ Long Sleep. Belle often takes first shift, and is relieved at some point in the night by Trooper or Sprite (or, more often, Trooper AND Sprite). Trooper’s shift ends in the early hours, after which Belle jumps up and wants to have an in-depth conversation. Sigh.

  4. Well, now I know where all the cold weather is at present! Southwest Virginia is unseasonably *warm* today – around 57 or 58 degrees this afternoon. And all we have to look forward to is too-warm-for-January rainy-rainy for the next few days…snow is prettier and preferable to ice.

    Thanks for the sharing of your list of books being read, I found several good ones on last year’s list that I hadn’t read before!

  5. It hasn’t really been that cold, for Maine values of cold. After the snow stopped, it got up to 36F. Tomorrow’s call is for 38F. I’d rather it was colder, myself. The colder it is, the fluffier the snow is.

    Happy to share titles.

  6. Huh, I would think it would be better to offer pristine books for pre-order rather than singed copies. But maybe you have been lightly toasting manuscripts in the fireplace to help keep warm? Thus increasing the value for such “personalized” copies? Are crispy edges a thing now? Man, I’m always the last to know. Sigh! Taking my lighter and heading to my book shelves now to increase the value of my musty old paperbacks. I think I gave all my “Koko” books to my daughter for her collection but maybe there is one or two left.

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