And that’s a wrap

Neogenesis, the twenty-first novel in the Liaden Universe®, the 75th Lee and Miller collaboration,  has been submitted to Madame the Editor.

The manuscript weighs in at approximately 142,000 words/601 manuscript pages.

From the reader perspective, this is the book after the next book, the next book being The Gathering Edge, which is to be published in May.   Neogenesis is currently scheduled for January 2018 publication.

So.  I’m thinking risotto for dinner, with maybe a glass of wine.

How about you?



15 thoughts on “And that’s a wrap”

  1. I’m thinking you deserve whatever the heck you want for dinner. From me you get congratulations, virtual balloons and confetti, and the wish that I could say the same thing about my current torture chamber, which is “hung” just short of the finish line, claiming a hamstring injury. (“Limp, dammit. It’s right over there. Lee & Miller got theirs to the finish…”)

  2. That’s gotta be such a great feeling. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read the results.

  3. Huzzah! I say that both for you, in well deserved celebration of a difficult task completed during a challenging life period … and for me, who has another wonderful book to look forward to!

  4. To be honest, we had to carry ours the last couple pages. Steve and I staged a write-off where we each wrote a last scene, which exercise kicked loose what is now THE last scene. Writing this book has been grisly, but I think we finally have gotten it right.

  5. Your magnificent attention is always appreciated. Looking forward with tons of excitement

  6. Congratulations on turning in the book! Hope dinner was good, and looking forward to reading Neogenesis next year.

  7. Congratulations, I can’t wait to consume it. Thankyou for your world’s and the characters and books in them I love your books.

  8. Fantastic news, guys. I am so glad for both of you that it has been handed in. This has been such a hard year.

    I love the way you work together. A write off challenge for the last scene – What an amazing idea. Of course, it would result in something new. From a distance, finding the ending to the book in this way appears as a microcosm for the creativity, ‘backs to the wall and dig deep’ and synergy I feel when I read your books.

    I can imagine both from reading you blog over the year this book gestated and was birthed and from reading both the books before and the beginning of Neogenesis, this book embodies the grit necessary for survival.

    If I were down the road and not across the pond, I would drop by with a dinner all made for ya. Thank you for all your hard work. Please be well and look after yourselves!

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