What in Ghod’s Name has the Woman Been DOing, Short Form

In our last Thrilling Installment, it was Trooper’s Birthday, known in some less enlightened parts of the world as December 15.

On Thursday, as per The Plan, we did indeed motor into Waterville to pick up the mail, and also to view Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which I adored, despite not being able to hear much of the dialog*. This is possibly telling, but then, I don’t expect much from movies except that they look pretty and hang together as a tale at least until the credits roll.

After the movie, we hit Governor’s for breakfast (yes, breakfast; don’t judge), and so to home.

Friday was a writing day.

Saturday, it snowed, thus becoming a writing day with interludes of snow removal.  In-between, I finished moving my files from the old computer to the new computer, and upgrading the OS on my Asus Android tablet from Lollipop to Marshmallow, which, because of Something Technical, had to be done manually.  This was a case of an operation sounding much scarier than it actually was.  The upgrade went beautifully, and now I have an up-to-date OS, just in time for Google to release the next in series.

Yesterday, also, Steve took point on hooking up my classy new 7-port USB hub and the new multi-size card reader, as both of these required climbing around under the desk, which I’m presently not up for because…

I borked my knee.  No, I don’t know how I did it.  I tried ignoring it for a week, which worked about as well as you might think, and babying it with ice and elevation and all like that.  We’ve reached the point where I’m probably going to call the doctor, though part of me insists that if I don’t hear words like “meniscus tear,” all will be well.  More or less.

That brings us to what?  Today.  Sunday.

Yesterday, as reported it snowed, and the temps didn’t get much higher than 15F/-9C.  Today! It’s raining, and the high temp is predicted to be 44F/6C.  Right now, everything is encased in ice, which is my least-favorite winter scenario.

The Plan for the rest of the day is to retire to the comfy reclining chair with the laptop, and work from there.

I had briefly thought that we’d go see Arrival tomorrow before it leaves town, but I’m doubting that’s going to be happening.

. . .and I think that catches us all up.

Everybody stay safe.


*I am informed that there are such things as “caption glasses” available at some theaters. Sadly, they are not available at the Waterville Flagship Cinemas.  They are available at the Regal Cinemas, in Augusta, but that makes a 50-mile round trip to see a movie.

6 thoughts on “What in Ghod’s Name has the Woman Been DOing, Short Form”

  1. We have had crazy weather in south Texas. Yesterday the high was 84, today the high is 44. Go figure!

  2. DH & I went to see a movie today (Collateral Beauty), which is highly unusual for us, since the last one we saw was Ricki & the Flash (with Meryl Streep and I’m amazed to see it actually came out in 2015). When we left the house for the 12:10 showing it was 60 degrees F and I didn’t wear a coat. Two hours later when we came out of the movie the wind had picked up and the temperature had dropped to 50. By the time we made a stop at the grocery store for coffee and filled up the car with gas, it was down to 43F. So I guess tomorrow we will have ice again as well, since it’s rained off and on all day.

    We were sensible enough to stay home yesterday while everything was coated with ice and when I saw the news of the awful wreck on I-95 in Baltimore Saturday morning I was very grateful we had. Tomorrow DH has a CAT scan scheduled at 9:30 a.m., so we’ll be out and about while it’s still in the 20s. Central MD is colder than Texas where I spent most of my life, but I know our weather is mild compared to yours. We haven’t had to shovel anything yet, for which I am truly thankful.

  3. Sympathy for the knee — it doesn’t take a meniscus tear to mess up. Muscle imbalance works just fine. My left hand is getting far too used to managing the cane! And PT helps, but it’s slow.
    Thanks for the news about the caption glasses — I didn’t know they existed. You and Steve and many movies ahead just now!

  4. Funny thing about that. When I was growing up in Baltimore in the 1950s and 60s, we had winter. It snowed, and people expected it to snow, and it got pretty dern cold, too. When we moved to Maine, the cold was a shock to the system — temps just didn’t get as high as they had in Baltimore (a Good Thing), and they dipped lower — but the snowfall really wasn’t much more than Baltimore had when I was growing up.

    The cold though — the year we moved here was the year that my winter jacket became my fall and spring jacket, my winter gloves ditto; and I bought a “sensible” jacket on the advice of a co-worker — that was stuffed with down. I looked like a walking quilt, but my, that thing was warm.

  5. I know, right? Apparently, in the more populated areas, caption glasses are part of the usual theater equipage, though you do have to ask for them.

    What kind of bothers me is — the captions must be there, on the screen, but people who can’t hear have to know to ask for the caption glasses. How about, if the captions are there anyway, the people who don’t want to see them have to ask for blackout glasses?

  6. Thank you thank you for telling me about Caption Glasses! We’ve never been out to movies as a family and now we will be able to go.

    Perhaps you could buy your own pair for Waterville? That is, if their edition of the movie has the captions and they simply lack the glasses?

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