Wednesday morning adverts

A.  Books make wonderful gifts.  For those who wish to give the gift of the Liaden Universe® stories and novels, here is your link to the Lee and Miller Handy Clickable Catalog of Books.

B.  The Archers Beach Carousel Trilogy, by Sharon Lee, published by Baen Books, is now complete.  This means that you have an Amazing Gift-Giving Opportunity before you!  You can give an entire trilogy to some fortunate reader-or-readers on your list.  It hardly gets any better than this.  Here’s your link to the ebook bundle from Amazon

C.  Cool clothes also make wonderful gifts.  In celebration of the season, and this well-known fact, Offworld Designs is giving you — yes, you! — a coupon for 20% off your entire order with them.  This coupon is not just limited to the Liaden Universe® store, though naturally we hope you’ll shop there first.  Click on the graphic below:


Here ends your Wednesday advert!

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