Quick catch-up

So, Friday.

Friday, I had planned to go to the movies with Steve to see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” after which we would go to dinner, or dunch, or whatever.

Instead, on Friday, since I had a fever, and a deep cough, and couldn’t speak — Steve drove me to the doctor, where I was assured that the stoopid illness I brought home from RICC was not pneumonia, but “only” a sinus infection.  Antibiotics were prescribed, and that other thing — rest.

Since I was “resting,” I decided to bang my head against Overdrive, and have succeeded in downloading, and consuming, three books from the library.

. . .and that’s been about my greatest accomplishment over the weekend.  I took Number Ten Ox the laptop to the couch with me this morning, thinking that writing from the couch can still be argued to be “resting,” but I fell asleep over the keyboard, and woke up to a long line of kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks across the page.

Tomorrow is the day that I am supposed to see a radical improvement in health matters.  If I do not arise, light as a leaf, and carefree as a chipmunk, I get to call the doctor for another antibiotic.

So, that.

In other news, I turned off my desktop on Friday, because the fan kept revving and revving and revving, and Windows Host Services (according to the resource meter), was running the CPU at 103% of maximum efficiency for reasons best known to itself.  I turned it back on this morning, and the nonsense started up again, and has continued, now, straight through for 13 hours.  I aborted Windows Host Services when I came back to my office to do this blog entry, so I could hear myself think.

I was waffling on getting the Linux machine, but, yanno?  Now may indeed be the hour.

Snow showers in the forecast tonight, but nothing at all serious here in Central Maine until maybe the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Oh, ghod.  Thursday’s Thanksgiving.


I’ll be better tomorrow.

Here, have a picture from a park/ice rink in downtown Providence, RI.  Photo by Sharon Lee.


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