Tuesday pocket report

So, Steve needed to be in Gardiner early this morning for Reasons, and I went with him.  For this outing, I for the first time, loaded All The Things into the Scott eJacket, including tablet, phone, camera, ID, money (forgot to try the water bottle pocket), pens.

The jacket worked pretty well, but I was surprised to find that my camera weighs more than my tablet.  Or, as Steve suggests, the tablet, being flat and thin, spreads its weight more cunningly than the little rock that is the camera.  In any case, the right side of the jacket was noticeably heavier than the left side, so I’ll need to work on balancing my load, so to speak.

While we were in Gardiner, and after Steve’s Mission was completed, we went over to Bridge Street and had a late breakfast at the justly famous A1 Diner, which has been serving at the same location — not only on Bridge Street, but on the bridge — for 70 years, this month.

After breakfast, we drove the long way to Rockland, and so to home.

Here’s a picture of me at breakfast.  Photo by Steve Miller.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday pocket report”

  1. Is that The Jacket? Loaded with All The Things?? I’d not heard of them before yours, and I must say, I’m excited & intrigued, and want to know every tiny detail. I read there can be as many as 35 pockets!

  2. I recognize the oilcloth on the table. We had similar stuff on the five tables and two trestles in our dearly departed gelato shop, each one a different color. There is a town about 90 minutes away from us that is right on the US/Mexico border; on the US side, it’s called Columbus, NM, and on the Mexican side it’s known as Palomas. There is a charitable group that works with unemployed women in Palomas, helping them to make and market a variety of products using the oilcloth: aprons, handbags…and tablecloths.


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