Let the festivities begin

Today is Scrabble’s 14th birthday (celebrated), and she has suffered to have her picture taken, Just For You.

Scrabble 14 birthday Sept 1 2016Today’s Birthday Events include napping in the basket, napping with the heffalumps, looking out the window, napping in the rocker, and staring suspiciously at the Silly Fluffs.

Scrabble acknowledges in advance your appropriate felicitations upon the day.

You are dismissed.

5 thoughts on “Let the festivities begin”

  1. Does she purr? I was just complaining to Miss Maggie that while her tux is very fetching, a cat that elects not to purr lacks a certain something. On the other paw, MM is a mere 1.5 and not old enough to outface the conventions.

    In any case Ms Scrabble looks splendid and one hopes the napping is all that could be wished! May her letter tray be full of high value letters in useful combinations, Q,U, I, Z, X,J,O and such, and fall upon the triple word spaces.

  2. Happy Purrthday, Miss Scrabble! Here’s for a day full of sun puddles, sneaked treats, skritches and naps withOUT Woozles!

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