Into the light

Today’s theme has been light.

This morning, we — by which I of course mean, Steve — strung new twinkle lights around the kitchen, and there was much rejoicing.

We also purchased new lights:  An LED arc floor lamp for the living room, which is severely underlit;  a LED desk lamp with a charging port, and three lighting modes and God She knows whatall else, for Steve’s office, this wonder replacing the WWII era dual fluorescent desk lamp he’s been using since Forever; and an LED so-called full spectrum floor lamp for my office, replacing the three-way table lamp which has been my reading lamp since also Forever, and which does not accommodate the New Light Bulbs.  These delights should all reach us by next Tuesday, just in time for Autumn.

In other news, we’re playing catch-up with all the things — personal, and professional — that were left hanging, while we were down south, and doing some serious recharging.  It’s curiously draining, sitting vigil on a death, even if there are plenty of family in place to help. Tomorrow may include a visit to the ocean, and after that, it’s back to work.

Today, I have some pr stuff to do; then I think I’m for the chair and a book, again.  Maybe I can work in a nap, too.


4 thoughts on “Into the light”

  1. you have good coaches for napping, to be sure!
    I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Take good care of each other. Hugs from Oakland and NY

  2. Yes, that sitting vigil thing drains all the energies. The coming autumn light tells me I’m getting close to the anniversary of my experience. Sympathy and gentle long-distance hugs for both of you.

    Adding light to your living space is an excellent thing to do (wish I’d had the sense to do it for us, back in the day, and need to do better now. Light in the bedroom where I knit is not good enough.)

  3. I’ll be shopping for LED bulbs for our chandelier fixtures in the near future. Those two fixtures are the only ones in the house that are still equipped with incandescent bulbs. Your LED floor lamps sound intriguing. The older we get the more light we need, it seems.

    I’m glad to hear you are back at home. I’m sorry for your and Steve’s loss. Hope you can recharge for a while before jumping back into the daily grind.

  4. My deep condolences to yourself and your family. I’ve had the displeasure of the experience myself. Take extremely good care of one another.

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