Into the Everlasting Snow

My father-in-law, Steve’s step-father, has gone ahead.  We were not close; so please — condolences belong to Steve, and the rest of Pete’s numerous family.

I do commend Dove House, in Westminster, Maryland, and recommend it to anyone who might be in the sad situation of needing hospice care for a loved one.  The facility was marvelous, the staff respectful, supportive, and caring.

Steve’s family is large, and loud, and devoted; many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins, and family-by-association came by to sit vigil for a time.  Pete was a man who loved a party, and he had a splendid one to send him on his way.

Here’s Pete’s obituary.

On a not-entirely unrelated note, I will be scarce along the boulevards and by-ways of the internets for a bit.

Everybody play nice.

One thought on “Into the Everlasting Snow”

  1. Please pass along my sincere condolences. Everyone says that. There are few choices. It’s hard to find that you’re now the head of the family because no one is left. I hope Steve’s step-dad didn’t hurt much nor for long. That’s apparently the best we can get.

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