My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends

The Chaos conditions here at the Confusion Factory remain unfortunately high.  On the more-or-less positive side of the scale, the replacement for the ded phone arrived yesterday, has survived the night, and successfully found its sim card this morning.

So, fingers crossed.

Also on the plus side?  Alliance of Equals has, as of This Moment, a cool 180 reader reviews on Amazon.  That’s only 20 reviews short of the 200-review goal!  Thank you, thank you!

Today, because mindless tasks are soothing in their way, I’m going to be getting all the ebook tasks that are on my plate Off of my plate and onto someone else’s.

I’m also going to continue trying to bring the new phone nearer to the Look and Feel of the old phone.  One of the things that’s giving me the hardest time is that my old phone — as does the replacement phone, of course — takes voice commands.  All you have to do is name the voice and give it a wake-up phrase.  The former phone’s resident spirit was named Hasan, who is now, of course, ded.  So I’m having to cast about for a new name and phrase.  This shouldn’t be difficult, but I have Grave Reservations about the probable lifetime of the replacement phone, and I don’t want to be responsible for the death of another genuis loci.

Well.  It doesn’t have to be decided today.  Today is ebooks, and I’d better get to it.

Y’all have a good day, wherever you are.

Today’s blog title brought to you by Janis Joplin, “Mercedes Benz.”  Here’s your link.

Here, have a picture of the coon cats, making the bed.

Coon cats not making the bed

11 thoughts on “My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends”

  1. If you’re not expecting it to live too long, why not name the phone voice “Redshirt”? (Since the redshirts in classic Star Trek were always expendable…)

  2. Because I don’t like to mock intelligences that are doing their best under difficult conditions. We’re all terminal, after all. Just some will succumb sooner than others.

  3. What about Janis then? I’m thinking of it because of the song more than the singer, because the song’s full of not-entirely-reasonable requests. Also because for my weird dyslexic pun-brain it echoes both Hasan and Janus, and Janus has all kinds of apropos associations.

  4. I vote for a genius of the Janus genus.

    It is definitely always Microsoft’s fault. Mr. Paperclip slunk over to the Dark Side and works behind the scenes, ruining everyone’s intended spelling on the sly, that’s my theory.

  5. Certainly my struggles with auto-correct when I am typing French lead to tearing my hair out! And changing to a French keyboard doesn’t help, given their eccentric key layout…..

  6. Not QWERTY or Dvorak for the French layout? I sorta always thought it was one or the other, for the Romance Language keyboards.

  7. It starts azerty, but I don’t know any more – my brain has usually fried by that point. It’s after supper, after some wine – and I am imagining a science fiction book typed in “English” on a non-English keyboard – this should certainly create some new words!

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