I can sleep with another man’s lass and still be welcome to my ayn

Let’s see. . .

Wanted a particular scene to appear in the current book. Always a bad sign and you’d think I’d’ve learned better by now, but — apparently not.  Tuesday, I wrote the scene.  It didn’t feel Quite Right, but that’s often the case, first swing.

(Conversation I’ve actually had:  Them:  What are you doing tonight?  Me: Rewriting the chapter I did yesterday.  Them: Rewriting it, but — why?  Me:  Because it’s not right.  Them:  Well, but — who told you it wasn’t right?)

The back brain happily threw up a possible fix while I was busy elsewhere, so I came home from the hospital gig last night and put in the fix.

Still didn’t feel exactly right, so I put it aside to read with my first cup of coffee this morning (about which more in a moment) and!  I know what’s wrong.

The scene is too heavy for its place in the story.  I need something lighter that still gets me to the same solution.  Which means I don’t get to keep that scene that I Really Wanted.  This was of course, foretold, as above, but — I’m still disappointed.

Well.  Today I get to rip out the scene I worked on for two days, and write another, which will be Good, really, but — sigh.

We have one of those programmable coffee pots, which I personally adore, because who doesn’t want to wake up to fresh coffee?  It has tiny little control buttons that I can barely see to push, and a tiny screen that displays the current time, the time when tomorrow’s coffee ought to start a-brewing, and how strong it should be.  Ours has been set to 7:30 am since Forever.  Except, this morning, when Steve arose at 7:00(!) — the coffee had already brewed and was waiting for him.  I just now tried to see what the brew time is set for and — I can’t see the screen.  At all, under any light I can jig up; the screen’s just Too Tiny (and to be fair, too dim, even at Maximum Power) to read.

Well.  Maybe after I’ve had my coffee, I ‘ll figure out a way to cope with that.  In the meantime, I guess that one of the important features for the next coffee pot will be a Big, Bright Screen, and usable buttons.  Back when I was making cowboy coffee in a tin pot on top the stove, I don’t think I envisioned a time when my coffee pot would even have a screen.

From the Department of Timing is Everything, Steve and I finished reading Lightning that Lingers on Tuesday night; yesterday’s mail brought the next two Night Watch books.  We started reading Men at Arms last night.

In other news, I’ve started the process of updating the catalog pages at Pinbeam Books.  This will take a while.  I do realize that, in the Scheme of Things, we really haven’t written very much, but the echapbooks nonetheless make a Pretty Considerable Pile, all by themselves.  So!  Work goes forth, slow but (we hope) steady.

That catches us up, I think.  Everybody have a good day.

This morning’s blog title is brought to you by Gaelic Storm, “Barnyards of Delgaty.”  Here’s your link.

7 thoughts on “I can sleep with another man’s lass and still be welcome to my ayn”

  1. Possible solution to reading the screen? A magnifying glass or one of those plastic magnifying rectangle thingies – I’ll find you a link. At least for the current incarnation of the coffee maker. In the interests of keeping you writing the books I devour. 🙂

    Perhaps that scene will reincarnate elsewhere in your Universe and all will not totally be lost.

    I adored MEN AT ARMS because it introduced equal opportunity, Discworld-style.

    Oos, do you have Android? I found THIS.
    *I* might get this…my trifocals are just not quite right for some things.

    Thought this was what I was thinking of – a portable card sized magnifier. (I don’t think binoculars would work on something as small as your coffee maker)

  2. The phone. Good Ghod, don’t we live an age of marvels. Thank you!

    Yeah, I never just throw away scenes — even Wrong Scenes. They go into a file until I find the place where they belong.

  3. One of the things we are fascinated with over here at the Grantville Gazette, is that Chuck Gannon has given us a whole bag of scenes from the cutting room floor, with commentary, and we have been running them as a feature for the past five issues. We have three more sets to go, and then I am going to see if I can badger Eric to let me do the same for him. Some of the scenes Chuck cut from his 1632 novels are incredibly good, but sadly just don’t fit where he wanted them to.

  4. Yeah, it’s rare that the Wrong Scene is bad, in a “does it read well” sort of way. It’s just…wrong. Wrong placement, wrong characters, wrong weight…Nothing at all to do with the actual words.

  5. Re: the coffeemaker. I have a Keurig Vue, business model, that’s very close to the description of yours when it comes to the tiny screen. I recently found it turning itself off in the middle of the afternoon, which a bit of research revealed was due to the fact that it had a “time since last used” feature for automatic shutoff which had somehow gone from “OFF” to “2 hours.”

    As for the tiny and dim screen, both I and Jo have had that same problem with it — but after having the scar tissue on the inner surface of my cataract implants burned off via YAG laser procedures in the past two weeks, have regained the ability to see that miniscule display without a magnifier, even with the room light turned on! Something you and Steve can look forward to! And it’s frighteningly close to a quick nap in the autodoc. No sleep, no pain, no period of NPO in advance, and only 5 minutes in the “OR” for the actual business!

  6. Are the cats on strike? Or perhaps breaking off to do their own celebrity tours? Lately I have been left with the feeling that the blog has lost just a little of its savoir faire. I attributed it to perhaps the recent workload with getting the new books out. Or possibly the website restyling…

    And then it hit me. Where are the cats! There was ALWAYS a cat picture with each blog entry (well, not with the reading lists, but those are more like status reports and don’t really count). Except for the occasional cameo appearance they seem to have now gone their own way and are no longer regular co-authors to this epistle. Will they be back or have they cast you aside to sink or swim on your own?

  7. Well, for a while there, it looked like WordPress had made an accommodation and the Facebook link was not being afflicted with huge orange G+ because some bit of programming somewhere needed a graphic. This made the cat pictures technically unnecessary, and there are some folks who, um, object pictures of cats (no, I don’t understand it, either), and I thought to give their nerves a break.

    But, today I notice that the Giant G+ has reappeared, and, as cat pictures are easier on my nerves than G+, I expect they’ll be reinstituted.

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