There and back again, Albany edition

So, Steve and I left the Cat Farm at slightly later than Omighod in the morning, and wended our way in the direction of Albany.  We discovered things.

For instance, we discovered that it was 91 degrees F/33C at Queechee Gorge, which was…quite a shock to the Maine-acclimated system.

We also discovered that, while you can take Route 4 all the way into Albany, you may not want to.

Also, World Famous Ruggles Mine is for sale — which was. . .a shock.  The world is changing, and not in a good way.

We pulled into our hotel a little later than projected, ate a late and hasty lunch, changed, and boogied down to Sand Creek Road and Flights of Fantasy, where we were greeted by Joe Berlant, Harmony the cat, and all the rest of the enthusiastic and efficient FoF staff.  We had a goodly crowd of Liaden enthusiasts gathered, and were about two pages into reading Chapter 8 of Alliance of Equals when!

The power went out.

May I just say that it was as hot — and perhaps even hotter — in Albany than it had been at Quechee Gorge.

Audience and staff leapt into action, producing enough light-giving instruments that we were able to finish reading the chapter.  After, we sat in the hot twilight and answered questions about our writing , our process, and All That Stuff, until Joe suggested that we sign books while the battery-powered assists still had a little sunshine to help light the room.

We did that, and the meeting adjourned, as it really was too hot to continue.

Today we drove home, over hill, over dale, and over the Green Mountains, choosing Route 9 this time, until we picked up 4 again, somewhere in the middle of New Hampshire.  I pulled the short straw, and drove the first morning shift, which meant I got the Green Mountains.  I can therefore report with confidence that gravity still works, and also that I am a fan of twisty mountain roads, climbing or falling.

It was every bit as hot today as it was yesterday; we fled promised temps in excess of 93F/34C in New York, arriving early afternoon at the Cat Farm, to find the temps a slightly more reasonable 88F/31C.  We may get a thunderstorm tonight, they (They) say; or possibly tomorrow. That would be nice.

If you missed us at Flights of Fantasy last night, you have three more chances to catch us on the Alliance of Equals tour.

Friday, July 8, we’ll be at Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester MA, from 7-9 pm

Saturday, July 9, Toadstool Books in Milford NH will be hosting us, from 2-4 pm

Saturday, July 16, from 2-4 pm, we’ll be signing and talking at our local indie, Children’s Book Cellar, 52 Main Street, Waterville ME

Hope to see you — and you, too! — soon.

And, now, having returned, and crashed, and caught y’all up; it’s time to unpack, get something to eat — and crash again?  Yeah, that sounds good.

Everybody stay cool.




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  1. I took my nieces and nephew to Ruggles Mine a couple of years ago. We all had a blast. It would be sad to see it go. Glad to see you safely survived your short travels. Hope you and the cats can all stay cool.

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