Time-Warner is in the process of merging with Comcast, I think, and this is apparently causing havoc here at cable’s end.  My ISP has been blocked as a security risk by our web host TWICE in the last two days.  I cannot see our sites, much less update them.  I am writing THIS post on my phone, across the cell network.  Regular updates will resume after someone figures out a fix that sticks.  Thank you for your patience.



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  1. I had similar problems with Metrocast. They decided that the New Horizons Community Band for senior citizens was an evil entity and wouldn’t even allow them to be junk mail, just sent emails into a black hole. I had to change to a yahoo address to get my emails. I researched carefully, and it was the cable Internet provider doing it, not the band’s host.

  2. As an FYI, Sharon, the Comcast deal was not allowed and TWC was then bought by a company called Charter who has been busy assuring us TWC users in tv ads that there would be no issues during the merge ….yeah, right!!

  3. Actually, the Time Warner -Comcast merger was halted by Comcast a couple of days after the FCC said that they would oppose the merger. (April, 2015)

    About a year later, April, 2016, both the FCC and the Just-us department approved the merger of Charter and Comcast.

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