News you can use

A.  If it’s Friday, it must be Worcester.  Steve and I will be talking books, and signing them, too, at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, tonight! from 7-9 pm.  Come on by, if you’re in the area.

B.  Today, around noonish EDT, the Baen Free Radio Hour will feature, among its other goodies, an interview with us about Alliance of Equal.  Podcasts are posted to this page.

C.  Tomorrow, Saturday, Steve and I will be at Toadstool Books in Milford (there are three Toadstool bookstores in New Hampshire, so be sure you’re aiming for the right one), from 2-4 pm, speaking and reading on behalf of the Dutiful Passage.  Hope to see you there!

D.  Baen is giving away five copies of Alliance of Equals over at Goodreads.  Here’s your link.

Good luck and fair passage to everyone, and I’ll see you on the flip-side.


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