But I got cat class and I got cat style

So, the big news this morning is!

The Cat Farm cats have been interviewed by Annie’s Book Stop.  They talk about their writers, their favorite spots to sleep, and how they deal with the notoriety that comes with being Internet Stars.  Here’s your link.

You still have a few days to read “Wise Child” on the Baen website.  Here’s your link.

As of yesterday at about 4:00 pm EDT, the personalized books and some few just-signed had arrived at Uncle Hugo’s in Minneapolis. In addition, the remaining cases were on a UPS truck headed for the same location.  They are expected to arrive on Thursday, July 7.

We’ve heard from two libraries that have received their copies of Alliance of Equals, and a report of a sighting in the wild, at a BN in Denton, Texas.  Anyone have any other sightings to report?  Amazon, which often jumps the gun on these things, is, last time I looked, still holding the line at “this item will ship on July 5.”

I will set up a spoiler discussion space on Blog Without a Name, and pin it to the top, before we get crazy next week, so folks who read Really Fast have a place to Talk About It where they won’t spoil things for the slower readers among us.

In other news, we had a series of rain squalls come through East Winslow last night, culminating in a Pretty Impressive Thunderstorm right around midnight.  This morning, as Steve pointed out, the pine trees are a-glitter with jewels.

. . .I don’t really think there’s much else to report.  Today’s activities include starting the laundry and deciding what we’re going to read from Alliance of Equals.  We’ve read Chapter Seven a couple times now, and we’d like to do something fresh.

It’s a glorious morning so far, here in the Deep Woods; blue skies and breeze; going to warm up this afternoon, of course, but, hey — it’s July.

Those who celebrate the upcoming holiday — have a great weekend.  Those who do not celebrate the upcoming holiday — y’all have a great weekend, too.


Progress on Book the Next
38,510/100,000 OR 38.5% complete

“Please understand that I must ask: Have you SEEN something?”

Observation Post June 30 2016

Today’s blog title brought to you by the Stray Cats, “Stray Cat Strut.”  Here’s your link.

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  1. Wonderful interview with The Cats. Next book will be mine soon. Have a happy 4th. My country did it’s 149th yesterday.

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