I need a sign. . .

Mail arrived; no check.  At this point, I’m expecting that it got on the bus to Massachusetts (Massachusetts being “MA” according to the Post Office and Maine being “ME”; many people unfamiliar with addressing envelopes Simply Assume that Maine is “MA”) and will be returned as “addressee unknown” to the agency in ten days or a month.

The betting pool is still open on whether or not the books arrive today.

Let’s see. . .

Answer to question from the Roll Call:  Yes, we will be visiting Annie’s Bookstop in Worcester on Friday, July 8, at 7 pm.  I talked to Trisha last night; she’s not sure what happened to the calendar listing, but states that It Shall Be Fixed.  In the meantime, she sent along this link.  Hope to see lots of you there!

Considering all the questions which have been asked in Roll Call, I have a Question of my own:  Is it easier to ask a question where you know it won’t be seen by anyone except, in this case, me?

On the schedule today is a podcast interview, writing, and staring out the window.

Yesterday, I did not write, but opted to read and rest my fingers after paying the scariest of the bills on the desk.

They say partly cloudy today, here, with thunderstorms on the overnight.

. . .and that’s all I’ve got.

Everybody stay cool.

catatwork2Today’s blog title is brought to you by Train, “Calling All Angels.”  Here’s your link.

4 thoughts on “I need a sign. . .”

  1. Personally, it’s easier to ask a question when the person questioned has indicated it’s welcome. I’d rather you were writing (or doing other LifeStuff) than answering random questions from me. I’ll ask, sometimes, if a blog post brings up a specific question, but for general stuff…nah, you’ve got better things to do.

  2. I don’t usually ask questions of you (or other authors whose blogs I read) because 1) I’m a little intimidated by posting something on the web for the world to see and 2) like jjmcgaffey says above, you’ve got plenty on your plate already and there are only so many hours it in the day so I appreciate the time you spend to blog and keep your readers informed about the books, the cats and life its own self.

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