. . .for a hamburger today

Nope, still no checks.

No books, either.

Preliminary numbers on the Roll Call, adjusting for those who have written private emails, or checked in from Goodreads, LiveJournal, or other venues where this blog mirrors — and also adjusting for those people who are amusing themselves. . .

I presently have 500 answers.

My thanks to everyone who took this request seriously.  If you do read here and have not checked in, you still have time.  The post will remain at the top of this blog through June 30.

Set to be even hotter today than yesterday.  The cats are cat-footing about, trying to get all their important work done before the heat hammers down.  I will be shortly following their example.

More words added to the manuscript last night.  Rough drafty words, those, which have allowed me to think more deeply on the scene, and locate places where I can deepen characterization and the chemistry between the two characters.  This is why we are such “slow” writers.  We keep going back and layering stuff in.  I wish I, at least, could be a bright and breezy writer, who gets it right the first time, but…alas.  Thank you all for your patience.


Progress on Book the Next
35,492/100,000 OR 35.49% complete

Am I being managed?” he asked mildly.

Trooper upside down cat June 20 2016

Today’s blog title brought to you by J. Wellington Wimpy.

5 thoughts on “. . .for a hamburger today”

  1. “Am I being managed?” he asked mildly.”

    Why yes, the job of an author is to “manage” the character (well, until the character manages the author).

  2. I sympathize with the “waiting for checks” thing; seems to be going around.

  3. I love the results of what you do. Nice weather here for a hamburger but too hot to grill them.

  4. Love your layers despite being always impatient for more. You do as you do and we wait and anticipate.

    Unfortunately every self-employed person I know waits much too long for checks; some for years. Virtual sympathy hugs!

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