Captain Jack was a young man, when he went to sea

Well, we were going to go to the ocean today, but — rain.  Also, exhausted.  Maybe Thursday.

In the meanwhile, I do believe that all the train tickets and motel rooms have been reserved for the Big Northern Kingdom Alliance of Equals Book Tour.  Details here.

Steve is in the Comfy Chair, reading The Gathering Edge, ably assisted by Belle.  I have Trooper and Scrabble assisting with travel arrangements in my office.  Warrior Princess Jasmine Sprite, Scourge of Field Mice, Suzerain of Toys, and Mistress of the String is, I believe, downstairs in her Princess Tower.

After lunch I’ll sit down with Book the Next (previously Fourth of Five), now that all of the various lines are sorted to my satisfaction.  There’s maybe 5,000-ish words that might belong in Five of Five, but I’m going to keep them, until I’m surer of directions.  In Theory, Next is due to Madame on August 15, which means I have most of June, and most of July before me.  August is pretty much cut up with traveling There and Back Again, with a WorldCon in the middle.  Well.  We’ll see how matters progress over the next four weeks.

And, apropos of nothing other than my magpie mind, I need to find a ribbon or a piece of leather cord.  At BaltiCon, a friend gave me a tile necklace that has a graphic of a dragon on one side, and, on the obverse, my favorite side, the Shakespeare quote, “Come not between the dragon and his wrath.”   However, it’s only strung on a piece of green bakery twine, which you just know is gonna break, and I won’t know it, and I’ll lose the tile.

adds ribbon to list

So! back to the word factory.

Progress on Book the Next
37431 / 100000 (37.43%)

“So he’s been downgraded from menace to joke?”

Today’s blog post comes from one of songs that was the inspiration for Carousel Seas, “Captain Jack and the Mermaid.”  Here’s your link.

Part of the water garden at McKelden Plaza, Light Street, Baltimore
Part of the water garden at McKelden Plaza, Light Street, Baltimore

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  1. Sign of the Sun will have just the thing to replace the bakery twine

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