Be chivalrous to strangers you meet along the road

In which we prove that writing is a science.

Or not.

Astute readers will recall that I reported having broken 40,000 words on Book the Next on Monday evening.

Yesterday, I had what we’ll call A Better Idea, ripped out about 6,000 words, wrote 4,000 new ones, cut/pasted/re-worked a few existing bits, and! Realized a net loss of only 1,800 words.

Result: Book is stronger (I think), but 40,000 is once again ahead of me.


Answers to more questions received in Roll Call.

*I can probably Reveal the raw number of Roll Call answers at the end of June

*Roll Call is pinned to the top of Blog Without a Name until the end of June in order to give everyone who reads a chance to see it and respond, if they so desire.  Some folks only check in once a week or twice a month, and we are at summer (for some of us), and people are on vacation

*The Roll Call was not mirrored on LJ because LJ has ongoing problems with spam, and I have had to sternly restrict the list of people who can post there.  And, yanno, I wanted all the answers in one place.  Thank you for your patience and understanding

*Nope, you are in no way obligated to read Blog Without a Name instead of Eagles Over the Kennebec.  In most cases, content appears on both sites

*Returning for a signing at the Uncle’s in Minneapolis is, perhaps, in the future.  Steve and I will be guests of honor at Marscon in Bloomington, next March and have been talking with Don about when would be best for us to come visit him while we’re in the area


In theory, yes, the new story goes live on today.  I stress that this is Only A Theory; I have not have confirmation of this from the folks who would know best.  Also!  I am scheduled to vanish into my volunteer gig for most of the day, so will be out of pinbeam range.  So — you’re kinda on your own, here.  Happy hunting.


Progress on Book the Next
38,191/100,000 OR 38% complete

The delmae, like Liadens had it. Smart woman, as far as he’d ever heard. Haz had a high opinion, but then, Captain Robertson, as she’d once been, was twice a hero in battle, and that was the kind of thing that would count for somebody with Haz’s bringing up.

Scrabble and Steve June 14 2016

Today’s blog title brought to you by Warren Zevon, “Ourselves to Know,” because, really, who can resist a rock song about the Crusades?  Here’s your link

4 thoughts on “Be chivalrous to strangers you meet along the road”

  1. What a great snippet! Your books always feel “real” to me, the characters someone I feel I’ve actually met and would love to spend time with in the world I live in, or if I lived in their world. That is why they are so re-readable, along with the world building and plot etc. of course.
    Thank you.
    Sorry you had to yank so many words, but glad you were able to replace most of them.

  2. I am not a professional writer and in English class, always got an A/F (A for functional and F for content). I never understood how to fix the content. I think you are a very talented writer.

  3. Now I’m confused. When I comment here will that also count for “roll call”? Or should I comment on the “Roll Call” section?

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