Sigh. . .

So, today started with a visit to the clinic, which was the compromise position, over last night’s: “Go to ER now.”

My pickleball injury is infected, and I am the lucky winner of a seven-day course of antibiotics, with bonus instructions to go to the ER immediately, should scary red lines begin ascending my leg toward my heart.

Stoopid, stoopid immune system.

After we picked up my medicine, Steve took us for a ride, through Belgrade to Augusta.  Augusta is where our local Lowes keeps residence, and I purchased an under-counter LED light bar that plugs in, to be installed under the kitchen cabinet over the counter where I make bread.  Yay!  I’ll be able to see my ingredients!

Note to those who were following the Saga of the Missing Bag of Stick-Up Lights on Facebook yesterday — no, I did not find the bag immediately upon arriving at home today, but that might be because I took a nap.

Spent the evening in the comfy chair, writing, took my second dose of antibiotic, and now I’m ready for another nap.

Trooper, mind you, is ready for a rousing game of flying mouse.  He’s already wrassled Belle and Sprite to standstill, and sent them scattering out of a deep nap, by plunging into the cat tunnel and making the Biggest Rustle Ever, and then capturing the rag tiger and eviscerating it all over the living room, as it put up quite a fight.  I guess even rag tigers have guts.

Oh!  This came in today’s mail.  Cover flats for the mass market edition of Dragon in Exile, coming (in June!) to a retailer near you.

DiE mmp


4 thoughts on “Sigh. . .”

  1. Much sympathy. Don’t forget the digestive side effects of antibiotics; get going with the probiotics, etc. Spent weeks undoing the damage of 2 courses of a/b last spring.

  2. BOO! for infectious pickleball injuries!
    YAY! for naps!, Flying Mouse!, and Rag Tigers!
    Yay! for lights to see the ingredients of bread!
    Yay! for rides in the wilds of Central Maine!
    Did the medicos say anything about soaking? I have had great results with soaking in a hot bath with epsom salts…
    That is to say, when I used to have a bath tub in which to soak.
    Feel betterer RSN!

  3. So sorry to hear about your difficulty. Lately it seems like every time I get a good exercise program going, “something happens” — the latest something was a crown and 2 root canals that laid me off exercise for a month or so. Throb, throb. Just getting started again with some walking. I hope you are back to the pickles soon!

  4. Feel better soon, Sharon! I’m glad you have the felines to keep your spirits up. (Could the eviscerated rag tiger have been Trooper’s take on what he’d like to do to your under-performing immune system — or maybe he was showing you how HE would have gone about zapping the microbe that got you…)

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