Speaking of Conventions…

It says here that Boskone 53 will be my/our 56th science fiction convention since 1996.  It also says that we attended 17 of those soon-to-be-56 conventions as Guests of Honor or Special Guests.

I’m not sure this is completely accurate.  For instance, Steve attended some recent Boskones on his own ticket, while I stayed home to man the day-job or to care for Mozart, when he was too ill to be left with the cat sitter.

Nor did I start going to science fiction conventions in 1996.  My first convention was Balticon 10, in 1976.  Steve and I did a bunch of conventions in the late 70s and early 80s — as hucksters, as we were called then, and Steve doubling as a pro (I wasn’t even remotely a pro until 1980, when I sold my first story to Amazing).  That was before we moved to Maine and gafiated for a few years.  Sadly, I threw away all those convention badges long ago in a Fit of Despond, and, yanno, back then — why would I even keep records of what conventions we attended? So the Real Record is, I suppose, Lost to the Ages.

Still, 55, soon-to-be-56, conventions in 20 years is. . .something of an accomplishment.  I’ll  call it that, anyway.

Here’s something a little different — a galactic ice castle, courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope:

Hubble Ice Castle in Space

6 thoughts on “Speaking of Conventions…”

  1. Well, it means you’ve been very busy for the last twenty years. 😉

    Um, not to be a downer, but the “ice castle” picture is art, not Hubble photograph.

    Beautiful art.

  2. I’m willing to believe it’s art, but Fail at being able to find the correct attribute. Can you give me a pointer?

    And yes — beautiful.

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