Soliciting statements of interest

An Alert Reader has noticed that February 2018 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Liaden Universe® in print.  This is derived from the fact that Agent of Change was published as a paperback original by Del Rey, in February 1988.

Said Alert Reader has put out a call for celebratory Limited Edition Hardcovers in honor of this anniversary.  Clearly, this is not something that we, the authors, can do.  We can, however, take the idea to Madame the Publisher, if there seems to be sufficient interest.

This is where you come in.

If Limited Edition Liaden Universe® Hardcovers were published, would you purchase it/them?

I realize that price is very often an object for you, as it is for me, so if you have a price in mind, let me know that, too.

Thanks for your help.

. . .Sprite also thanks you for your help.

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33 thoughts on “Soliciting statements of interest”

  1. I do *love* the idea! I would say priced under $30. That way it appeals to those just meeting the Liaden Universe as well as the completists.

  2. I’d buy one! My original ppbk was falling apart when I lent it, in a ziploc bag, and I never got it back. Under $30 would certainly make the prospect of buying more than one a lot more attractive.

  3. I’m mostly collecting ebooks these days (easy on the bookshelves). I’d be more likely to buy special edition boxed sets of paperbacks … There are some natural groupings that could be released spread out : )

  4. I’ve bought the David Weber leatherbound limited ed in the Honor Harrington series and would certainly buy 2 copies (one for me, one for my duaghter who is also a big fan) of either a leatherbound edition or a hardcover edition and price would be doable if comparable to what the current Baen leatherbounds are going for.

    Do you want me to raise the question on Baen’s Bar? I mostly lurk there but would be willing to raise the question on either Toni’s Table or Binjali’s (or both for wider coverage) if that would be appropriate. I’m sure Charlie Russel would weigh in on the subject as he also participates at the Bar.

    Anne in Virginia

  5. Amazon has them available for pre-order now. Just Kidding.

    Yes, I would buy hardcover editions. I’d love to replace the MishaMerlin omnibus. I’d pay current hard cover prices, I don’t think I would pay much of a premium. Alliance of Equals is $26 list.

  6. The original question was asked in Binjali’s, and it was pointed out then that Toni owns the printing press. So to speak. Let’s give the question some time to percolate through the various blogs and Facebook walls, before we ask Toni. If she knows there’s X amount of interest, that information will certainly help her make a decision.

  7. Absolutely. There are few books that I will buy in paper form any more but I would pay to own a complete Liaden set in hardback. Leather optional. I’d like to see them at or below $30 each unless multiple books are bound together.

  8. I love the idea of a celebratory publication but…no, I wouldn’t buy a hardcover. Or a softcover, for that matter. What I’d prefer to see is something new in celebration. An audio drama, perhaps. But nothing that can’t go into my Kindle or as a file in my computer. I’m in the process of de-cluttering in general.

  9. I would certainly be interested in a hardcover! $35 is a pretty reasonable price considering the overhead for a special publication!

  10. Yes, Yes, Yes! Absolutely. I too would prefer a $30ish price point though I would pay a bit more for leather.

  11. I mainly buy e-books these days (I can carry them ALL with me, in my bag, at all times!) but I would definitely shell out for a special edition hardcover. Especially one with an ‘extra’ or two inside–a new introduction, an essay of some kind, a short story…?

  12. Most definitely original artwork would be an added bonus. Would love to have a copy. Loaned mine out and never got it back.

  13. Absolutely yes, I would buy limited editions of the Liad universe.
    I would love to see omnibus books following one character.
    Original artwork would, in my opinion, increase the value of the volumes. Bring
    ’em on. Check book ready.

  14. I would definitely buy limited hardcovers of Liaden books. I have bought a number of limited editions of favorite authors from Subterranean Press, for from 25 to 80 dollars. Some of those have been books that were in print with other publishers so I am not sure how that works as far as rights go. Hopefully Baen could do similar versions.

  15. Yes, yes, and a thousand more Yeses.

    Anything up to $50-$75 would work for me. Wonderful idea.

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