If there’s a God in heaven, He’s got a silver thunderbird

When last we saw Our Heroine, she was sitting down on the couch in the Confusion Factory living room, a large orange cat on her lap, vibrating, and her ereader open to Conflict of Honors.

Outside, it was a beautiful, sunny, cold Maine day, and the across-the-street neighbor had decided to trim up her driveway, which is almost directly across from our driveway.  She was using an outsize pickup truck fitted with a plow.  As one does, and it must be said that she was not expert, but you don’t have to be expert in Maine to use your own private pickup truck in your own private driveway to do whatever you want to do with either.

Our Heroine read one page, two pages, three. . .

And from outside there came an enormous cacophony, metal screaming and a truck engine revving and tires skidding on snow.

Steve got to the kitchen door first.

“She hit your car!”

The next thing Our Heroine knew was that she was in the driveway, boots on, coat unzipped, looking at the smashed remains of Kineo the Wonder Subaru.

We shall pass lightly over the next few hours, while we waited for the Winslow policeman to arrive and file the accident report, and the several phone conversations with our insurance company, and come to rest in the early morning of Martin Luther King Day (in America), where Our Heroine has already called Charlie’s Collision Center (Certified Subaru Repair Facility) and achieved a promise from one Doug to send a tow truck.

It is my belief that Kineo is totaled.  I am not a mechanic.  Certainly, one is in receipt of a Very Strong Hint from our insurance company that so new a car ought not to be totaled.  However, I can see a bent frame, and the fact that the radiator has been pushed back into the engine, kicked to the right, and down.  We shall see what Charlie’s Collision says.

In the meanwhile, since I’m going through my insurance company, and we do not have rental car on our insurance, they’ve been steadfast in saying that they cannot give us a rental car.  Fair enough.  I will make another call this morning to find if, since this bill will eventually go to the plow truck driver’s insurance company, if I cannot make arrangements to get a rental and have them reimburse me.

In other news, Steve has a really nasty cold. . .and it’s snowing.

Today’s blog title brought to you by Marc Cohn, “Silver Thunderbird.”  Here’s your link.

For the Facebook peeps, a picture of Sprite, being elegant.

Sprite being elegant atop the file cabinet Jan 17 2016

6 thoughts on “If there’s a God in heaven, He’s got a silver thunderbird”

  1. Hmm…it actually sounds like, “If there’s a God in Heaven he’s got a Subaru” Deepest sympathies, not just on your probable loss, but on all the running around you’ll have to do to resolve the situation.

  2. For what it’s worth, when someone whacked my Subaru in the office parking lot – fortunately, right in front of the security patrol – her insurance company (Geico) did offer me a rental while my car was in the shop. I declined, since I was able to have it done while we were at Sasquan, but they offered it proactively, with no prompting on my part.

  3. Their insurance is liable for your rental car. I’m assuming you have good reasons for going through your insurance company instead …

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