It would just be nice if we could all be here, watching King Kong tonight

Yesterday, we took a Writers Half Day, knocking off for a late Chinese lunch, followed by a couple games of Scrabble.

Today, given the news that Winter, is, indeed and at last, coming to Central Maine, includes a trip to town to pick up necessities that we would have gotten on our next Regularly Scheduled Trip to Town, early next week, however! That is now inked in as a Storm Day.

This is what the next few days look like, here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory:

Winter is set to arrive in stages, starting tonight with a session of freezing rain, moving into Sunday with 1-3 inches of snow and ice expected. We get a breather Sunday night into Monday, except for temps ‘waaaaaay lower than we’ve been used to even on the overnights thus far, then Tuesday? Stuff gets real.

Tuesday Watching a potential winter storm. Snow during the morning will become a mix of wintry precipitation during the afternoon. High 19F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precip 100%. 5 to 8 inches of snow and ice expected.

Tuesday Night A wintry mix early will taper to a few snow showers late. Low 19F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precip 70%. Snow and ice accumulations less than one inch.

Wednesday will be calm, with a little freezing rain on the overnight to keep our hand in.

On the one hand, 60F/16C on December 25 in Central Maine is Just Wrong.

On the gripping hand, I was enjoying this shovel-free time.

What’s the weather look like at your house?

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Rhoderic Land:  “King Kong Tonight.”  Here’s your link.


6 thoughts on “It would just be nice if we could all be here, watching King Kong tonight”

  1. Presently in the ’70sF (having started last night at 60F and warmed up overnight) and expected to stay so until tonight, when a line of severe storms (T-storms with high winds, hail, heavy rain, whirly stuff, etc) moves through. Dropping temperatures then, all the way into the 30sF Monday night/Tuesday morning. The balmy “spring” days in the 70s we’ve been having (fooling plants to burst into spring bloom)…gone for at least 5-6 days, with highs above freezing (but no longer shorts & T-shirt weather) and lows near freezing. Still warmer than usual, but not hot.

    This winter, despite a couple of good hard frosts, has been way warmer than usual, to the point that there was a rattlesnake out and about the day before Thanksgiving (tried to bite husband, whose jeans legs were fortunately loose)–they’re usually denned up weeks earlier.

  2. South Central Tennessee got just under 5″ of rain on Christmas with temperatures 63-67 degrees, in downpours with lightning and strong wind. That brings us to about 8 inches of rain in the last three days. Those of us on the Cumberland Plateau got local flooding but the valleys around us are under water. We don’t often get snow at Christmas but do expect temperatures in the 30s and 40s. Last year when the east was in the cold loop we had ice storms around Christmas. At least the tornadoes on the 24th didn’t make it this far!

  3. Going to climb to 55º today, with temps dropping below freezing for tonight through Monday morning. Mostly clear sky throughout the week. Daytime temps will rise to the low 60’s by the end of the week with lows in the mid 30’s.

    Having lived in Bremerhaven, GE, and Colorado Springs, CO, I’ll take this kind of winter. We need the snowpack for later in the year, but I can’t get too excited this early in the season about it – with the predicted strength of the El Nino, the mountains should get a good amount of snow before it is over.

  4. -17C here in Calgary, Alberta. A decent blanket of snow, and clear, spotless skies. The local ski hills have been celebrating as they’ve received the best base of snow in quite some time. We should warm up to close to freezing next week but it’s never so bad with all the sun.

  5. Here in Northern California, about 45 miles north of San Francisco, it’s 33°F and clear, but maybe it will rain later tonight. Maybe not, too. Only a 60% chance. Then sunny the rest of the week, highs in the low-50s, dropping to 30 at night. Drought not over. I want to say things about how cold it feels, but clearly I know nothing of cold, Maine & Canada 😀

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