In which anything can happen, and what’s happening is rain

So, I screwed up my back at the end of last week, which meant Saturday was spent in the Comfy Chair, heating pad unleashed, and aspirin bottle to hand.

Sadly, this therapy was found to be insufficient, so on Sunday, I hit the hard stuff.

Which mostly worked.  We’re at about two-thirds efficiency at the moment, where bending over to pick things up from the bottom shelf of the fridge is Right Out, stretching to get something off the top shelf is OK, and running with a constant low ache, that’s both distracting and infuriating.

Having spent so many hours in it lately, I report with sadness that the Comfy Chair is noticeably Less Comfy than previously, which, considering that we purchased the Comfy Chair (formerly “Archie’s Chair”) when we moved to Skowhegan, in 1988, oughtn’t be a surprise.  Need to get our acts in gear and come up with a new sofa and a new Comfy Chair.

Yesterday, Steve and I went forth into the day, to shop for groceries, and a new heating pad.  In the early evening, after putting the groceries away, and lunch at home, and realizing that we had actually failed to buy a new heating pad, we wound up in Augusta, at Barnes and Noble, where I snagged a copy of Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch, and we signed stock.  The store was insanely crowded, what with hosting both a signing by Travis Mills *and* an elementary school book fair.  I also nailed a new lapdesk (see Comfy Chair, above), so, in all, it was a pretty successful outing, even with the crowds.

And — bonus! — we remembered the heating pad, on the second outing.

Let’s see, what else?

The Yule cards are all addressed and stamped and ready to go out into the world.

Oh!  I got a phone call today from the Volunteer Coordinator at the local hospital, about my application to volunteer.  Interview set for Friday morning.  I do believe that this is the first time I will go to a job interview with purple hair.  It will, perhaps, be Interesting.

In other news, this morning I printed out All the Threads of The Gathering Edge, so that we may refer to them during the upcoming Planning Sessions.  The manuscript currently stands at 56,103 words, which we’re calling half-a-book.

On Monday evening, we turned in our story, presently titled, “Shame the Devil,” to the Alien Artifact anthology.  For those keeping score, “Devil” is the 70th Lee-and-Miller collaboration.

. . .I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print at the moment.  I do have one short scene to write, and then I’m going to retire once more to the Comfy Chair and the heating pad, and read a chapter or two of Midnight Riot.

Hope y’all are having  a good week.

And, for the FB peeps:  Princess Sprite is bored.

Sprite is bored Nov 15 2015


4 thoughts on “In which anything can happen, and what’s happening is rain”

  1. I’ve bought many a midnight release Harry Potter book at that B&N, bringing the kids to visit the grandparents who summered in Belgrade Lakes. I think you’ll enjoy Midnight Riots!

  2. she looks more hungry than bored. Don’t you ever feed the poor dear?
    So sorry to hear that you back is still not cooperating. There are few things more annoying than back pain…tooth pain, for instance, might make the list.
    Feel betterer RSN!

  3. You will enjoy the whole series that starts with Midnight Riot!May I also recommend the four book series by David Drake that starts with The Legion of Fire. I just finished it and Middle Son leapt on it with great joy. Alternate history Time, known as Carce, magic, and various other mythologies.

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