Monday to-do

A.  Go into town, hit the grocery, the post office, and maybe Juliet’s bakery, because I’m outta cranberry/walnut cookies and I don’t have time to bake today.  There, I knew I could come up with a good reason.

B. Finish the laundry.  Honest to ghu, who wears all these clothes?  *glares at Princess Jasmine Sprite*

C.  Finish Interview One and send it on.  Stare at Interview Two for half-an-hour; put it aside to think about.

D.  The Gathering Edge — move forward with the mmmmf and mmmfng thread.  A Theme seems to be emerging across the threads; always a Heady Moment.  The manuscript in all its threadiness now stands at 46,025 words.

E.  Finish reading my book.  I only have 30 more pages to go, and while I want to know what happens, the viewpoint is plucking my nerves.  Granted, the viewpoint is plucking her nerves, too, so at least we’re on the same wave length.

F.  Review what we’re voting on tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Election Day.  Pffft.

So!  What’s on your to-do list for this damp and grey Monday?

Acorn Art Messalonskee Lake Oct 21 2015


10 thoughts on “Monday to-do”

  1. Go to the 9 to 5 (get bored quickly); go to surgeon appointment; make kidney doc appointment; come home for dinner and cat fussing. Be reminded that cranberry walnut cookies are available here in Chicago under the Matt’s brand and that I should get some! Thanks Ms. Sharon!

  2. Do two mystery shops, go to Walmart, the bank and home and clean . It is only gray here no rain in sight but warm.

  3. Wait for plumber. Wait for plumber. Wait for plumber. Hope plumber gets here and gets done before I have to go to Dr. appt. to hopefully get post surgical drain removed. Still waiting…

  4. take paper off of big pile, deal with it. repeat.

    What’s the meaning of the stones in front of the tree?

  5. Empty three more pantry shelves and clean them off in prep for Terminix guy who’s going to spray to get rid of infestation of grain beetles.

    Call electrician to make appointment to replace outlet to which outdoor sprinklers are connected.

  6. 1. Leave Pittsburgh on a jet plane (*strains of Peter, Paul & Mary*). DONE!
    2. Make progress on Kepler story. DONE! (*fistpump* for writing on a jet plane for the first time in my *life*)
    3. Land in Phoenix, AZ. DONE!
    4. Check in at the hotel, put my feet up, and eat a cookie. DONE!
    5. Write some more. (pending)

    Ghod I love the southwest. It’s gorgeous here. Totally makes up for it being Monday.

    Oh wait! I love Mondays! WOOT!

  7. Monday? Monday was a little crazy. I normally telecommute on Mondays but this Monday brought a visit to the vet so Jackie could have a bath and a mani-pedi. His incisions from the biopsy were almost healed so I wanted THEM to be the bath-givers. While I was down in that part of Owings Mills, I got coffee at a place with wifi and teleworked until I could convince the local Honda dealership to fit me in. Then I teleworked from the dealership while they tried to figure out the Magical Appearing and Disappearing Oil Light. I noted that no one was watching the TV in the waiting room – everyone was reading (books!) or on their laptops. 2 quarts of oil and one clean doggie later, we were ensconced on the sofa by 12:30 and worked the rest of the day. Made chili mac for dinner, fed and put to bed my brother, who was staying the night while his girlfriend’s in Hopkins hospital – he didn’t want to drive back to Northern Virginia and then back in the morning. A little more crazy than most Mondays.

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