It’s got 8 cylinders; uses ’em all; and an overdrive that just won’t stall

It snowed overnight, wet, sticky stuff that looked pretty on the trees; maybe an inch, all around.  It’s mostly out of the trees and off the road, now, though there’s still some on the grass.

Around mid-morning, we received the propane truck.  We had expected the propane truck last week, but paperwork in the office is backed up to the point that the delivery guy still thought he’d be topping off a 50 gallon tank, rather than totally filling two 120-gallon (for the purposes of polite conversation, these are understood to be 100-gallon) tanks.  He was able to do some monkeyshines with his truck computer so that he could complete the delivery, and we now have two hundred gallons of propane in the tanks and ready for the generator to draw on.

So that would be everything done except paying the bills.

This morning I also fulfilled a long-time dream.  I placed a stick-up spot-light inside my side of the shared bureau and?  I can see my socks and my tshirts. Yes!  It is no longer a pitch-black cavern in there, but a delightful little oasis of light, which I control with the tap of a finger.

*so happy*

And?  I have more happiness in my future, because I bought a whole bag of these little stick-up lights, and they are destined for the insides of cupboards and closets to the farthest, darkest corner of the Confusion Factory.

Let there be light, indeed.

In news that may be of more interest to the wider community, the book description for Alliance of Equals has appeared on its Amazon catalog page.  Be aware that the description may be considered to contain spoilers, and, also, that the hardcover edition of the novel will not be published until July 5, 2016 (count backwards 60-90 days to calculate the possible appearance of the eArc edition).

Also, work continues on The Gathering Edge.  It currently stands at a smudge over 53,000 words.  We’re shooting, as we always do, for 100,000 words.  Here, have a snippet to prove we’re working:

“You’ve asked me to develop new outlets, negotiate partnerships, build viable routes, and earn us a profit!  Tell me, denubia — what is it that you think a master trader does?”


Today’s blog post title brought to you by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, “Hot Rod Lincoln.”  Here’s your link.

First snow out office window Nov 23 2015

3 thoughts on “It’s got 8 cylinders; uses ’em all; and an overdrive that just won’t stall”

  1. It’s good to know that your new generator is well stocked. I’m sure it’s hard to write with frozen fingers. I’m looking forward to reading the upcoming books, but you have already given me so much reading pleasure, that I’m prepared to wait as long as it takes. I will, of course, buy anything you and/or Steve write.

  2. I hope Maine residents are properly appreciative of your sacrifice. By the same principles of sympathetic magic that ensure a mild, wet, winter when you buy new snow tires, purchasing and stocking a fancy generator should guarantee uninterrupted power practically forever.

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