The view of the future from a small rise in the present

So, here we are at the start of a new week!  Let’s see what’s on the roster.

  1.  This is Week Five of the Do It Like A Delm Challenge.  We have two challengers already, both taking the theme of knitting.  You may view them here.  Think you can do better?  Enter the list of challengers!  Rules are here.  Don’t want to enter, but really want some Cool Liaden Gear?  Here’s your link, and remember!  Liaden Universe® shirts make wonderful presents!
  2. Belle has developed a limp off of her right front leg.  We haven’t been able to find anything obvious — she just lies still and purrs when I probe; nothing seems to hurt.  So, anyway, a trip to the vet tomorrow, Just to Be Sure.
  3. The guy who replaced the chimney was just here, and confirmed that, yep, that spot up there on the roof does need caulking.  Which he couldn’t do today, because it had rained overnight, so! More contractors in our future.
  4. Speaking of contractors:  We hope to hear back from the various folks who need to be involved in Generator Installation today, and!
  5. Mike the Electrician will be by late in the week to install my new ceiling fan, a circumstance that fills me with a really embarrassing amount of anticipatory delight.
  6. The Rocky Horror Show (the play; the movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show) will be playing at the Waterville Opera House in late October.  I tried to buy tickets online this morning, forgetting that the Opera House’s website never does work properly in re the online purchase of tickets, and I will therefore need to make a phone call.  Boo.  On the other hand, I’ve never seen Rocky Horror, and really ought to close this gap in my fannish resume.
  7. We have a Skype interview scheduled for next Monday, which means that this week?  I need to get a haircut.
  8. Besides all that, of course, we have work to do, stories and novels to write!  So, yanno — onward, upward, and sideways, as appropriate.

And that?  Is all I got.

Here, have a picture of Belle and Sprite to start your week off right:

Belle and Sprite. Apparently, Sprite has just been Interesting.
Belle and Sprite. Apparently, Sprite has just been Interesting.


3 thoughts on “The view of the future from a small rise in the present”

  1. What a lovely cat photo.
    Is there anything odd about Belle’s claws that might cause her to limp? I ask because I’m facing the dreaded claw-clipping with Jackie. He might have to be sedated. :/

    Good luck with your contractors and may the show up promptly.

  2. I’ve tried looking at her claws; she doesn’t much like me messing with her feet, which is understandable, but I don’t see anything really amiss there, either… Mildly worried. She does throw herself up and down again, and she is, um, a Mom Cat, with hips to prove it.

  3. Hooray for the ceiling fan! We are firm believers in ceiling fans, and have them all over the house. They’re wonderful, and I hope yours gives you much joy. They’re even useful in winter if you reverse the direction!

    Fingers crossed that Belle’s complaint will prove to be transitory. I see she’s claimed a prime snoozing spot in the window–that’s one way to keep the weight off her leg.

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