10 thoughts on “Eye Candy: This Just In”

  1. when you said “sketch” I envisaged a crude pencilled outline with a few splashes of colors stroked on..
    OMG! I want them.. Sketch two is FANTASTIC! Oh how I want that one framed so I can pour over it in detail

  2. BOTH are really excellent cover paintings, you do not do them justice calling them mere sketches I opine. Either would be great for your book cover, but I like the space station one the best. Nothing says SF like a gigantic space station with space ships around it!
    Dave G.

  3. These are lovely. Now I must pre-order ALLIANCE OF EQUALS. Awaiting next summer impatiently.

  4. On my office wall, I have three Lee and Miller book covers. Two are by Tom Peters, and one by Dave Mattingly. I hope Dave will offer prints of this cover, too. I really agree with Dave Garrett. I love drawing 2!


  5. I love both of the “sketches” — David Mattingly’s work is always beautiful. I have to admit a preference for the space station, though, for one particular reason. Gravity is not ruling! There’s no “up” — that’s hard to achieve in two dimensions with the artist firmly attached to the ground.

  6. Shiny! I, too, love that gorgeous space station–but I wonder about what’s going on in sketch one! More “fleas” zeroing in on the Passage? Or something more benign?… Only time will tell! 😀

  7. I agree with Beth S:Shiny! Are these two works of art going to be made available for purchase? I would love to have both!

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