In which there is music, and words, and coon cats

A couple weeks ago, Steve and I were the delighted recipients of Violet, the first CD from the ensemble Reverie, of which includes Marni Rachmiel, who in addition to being a Friend of Liad, is a flutist. The story behind the CD is that, in early 2014, three musicians were doing what musicians do after a full day of making music; they were — making music together, as it happened, for the very first time.  That jam session was a magical thing, in the way that music often is, and four months later, the three musicians — Karina Wilson, Terry Wergeland, and Marni Rachimel — all having cleared their schedules in respect of art, and magic, they met at a recording studio, with virtually no plans, except to recreate that first jam session, this time in a form that they could share.

The result of that is Violet, featuring seven variations on English Country dance music, three original compositions, and two free improvs.  I wish I could tell you how much I enjoyed this album — well, here — I enjoyed this album, and it’s playing as I type this.  If this sounds like your kind of thing — or even if it doesn’t, y’know, because life is risk, and risk so very seldom pays off so pleasantly — you might check out the Reverie Music Facebook page, here.  Ordering information for Violet is also available.  Here’s your link.

In other news, Steve and I have been story conferencing, writing, and rearranging.  As of right now, The Gathering Edge stands at 12,343 linear words, many of them dealing with Theo, and another few thousand more regarding events that do not necessarily have to do with Theo.  Steve is lead on this book; and he is concentrating on the Theo line.  I am writing the around-pieces.  Yes, this will be another woven book.

Tomorrow. . .is Monday.  Tomorrow, therefore, I have a dental appointment, the office having come up with one somewhat ahead of September 29 — go office!  After that. . .we shall see.

Hope everyone’s Monday is grand!

No, really, I do.

Here, have a picture of Steve and Scrabble, hard at work:

A writer and his muse
A writer and his muse

3 thoughts on “In which there is music, and words, and coon cats”

  1. Go Scrabble, go! Keep beaming those solar powered Cat Rays at Steve! Keep that guy a’thinkin’!!

  2. Because Steve’s hair is still too dark for the stuff I’m using to show up. He refuses to bleach his hair so it will take the color better (as I also refuse to bleach my hair); I have an edge because my hair’s gone almost completely silver.

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