If it’s Monday, it must be a new week

Week Two of the Do It Like a Delm Challenge has commenced, with two entries right out of the gate.

Here’s your link to this week’s Gallery of Delms.

Here’s your link to last week’s Gallery.

And, of course, last week’s winning photo by Jennifer McGaffey.

In other news, we have revamped our Patreon page, with a goal.  You can see the new page here.

Now, I want to say a few things about this:  First, we are amazed by and appreciate the fact that so many people leapt up to pledge when we began this experiment, in April.  This is not a demand that everyone dig deeper for another few pennies throw into the plate.  Indeed, it’s not a demand at all; it’s an opportunity to assist, if you are so inclined, and are able.

What I would like to ask, though, is that you share this news with other people who might be inclined to become patrons.  I’m asking this because there seems to be no very good mechanism for people to find artists to fund from within the Patreon system.  So we’re looking for some outside help in getting the word out.

Also, if any Patreon veterans could point me to an internal networking system were potential patrons and artists can discover each other, that would be wonderful.

Thanks very much, for all you do.

I’m just back in from a run to town, whereupon I learned two things:  (1) Bangs trims at JC Penney is free; (2) There is not a gallon of white vinegar to be found in this town.  I’m guessing this a result of people canning the yield from their gardens, but geez, all the vinegar?

For those playing along at home — a report on the hair color.  It’s still purple.  I’ve washed it three times, and it fades a little each time, but it has not entirely washed out.  This is evidently the effect of layering in the color across multiple days.  I’m still pleased that it’s purple, and will add more color the next time I shampoo.

And that?

Is all I got.

Oh, no, wait.  I have a picture of Scrabble in the sun:

Scrabble sunbathing Aug 7 2016

5 thoughts on “If it’s Monday, it must be a new week”

  1. Everywhere I looked at Worldcon there were people with purple or blue hair (sometimes rainbows as well) and I thought of you. When my hair finishes the transition to white I may try it as well. Fun.

  2. Oh, and great photos for the contest. You have fans all over the world, and of all ages! I like the inclusion of various cats as well, and the plane video was really a neat idea.

  3. We use vinegar (in a spray bottle) as a weed killer. Just be careful you don’t spray any plants that you want to keep.

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