Dealin’ in multiplication; an’ they still can’t feed everyone

I forgot my mp3 player this morning, so I listened to the Oldies station in Skowhegan.  What’s really a shame is how many of the lyrics I knew from this morning’s sampling of songs.

The Plan, insofar as I had a Plan, was to got for an early walk along one of the trails the Kennebec/Messalonskee  Trail Association have been so busy identifying and whipping into shape.  My first choice was the 1.5 mile “easy” loop at the Winslow Elementary School, down to the Scott Park next to the Town Office and through the streets back to the car.

This Plan was scotched when I found the sign indicating that a trail existed in this direction, but failed to locate the trail head.

Plan B was a slightly more challenging walk along the Kennebec, aka the East Kennebec Trail, starting at the Benton-facing side of the old Scott Paper Mill.  The directions for getting to the trail head were to park in the old lot, and walk down Scalehouse Road, accessing the trail through a “gap in the fence.”  Which, yanno, sounded just like old times.  The trail was billed as a 1.5 mile loop.

I am. . .somewhat chagrined. . .to have to report that the “gap in the fence” is a very well constructed gateway to the side of the various chains and metal bars that are meant to keep cars from continuing where there is no road.

The trail itself was a pleasant stroll along a wide grassy trail within sight of the river.  I can’t remember now if I never knew that there were two dams across the Kennebec at Waterville, or if I had known about the one behind the train yard, and the unusual perspective made it seem new.  But, anyway, a pleasant enough little walk, that ended in a parking lot, with the option of branching off onto another trail, for an additional 1.6 miles, which would have taken me into Deepest Benton.

I opted not to add the extra mile and a half today, and closed the loop on my original walk — and learned something useful.

The East Kennebec Trail is an easy 1.5 mile loop.  But!  The walk along Scalehouse Road, necessary to arrive at the head of the trail, which adds an extra half-mile, isn’t counted in that 1.5 miles.  Exercise being exercise, it wouldn’t have mattered, except that (1) today I did not get out as early as I ought to have done in order to completely beat the heat, and (2) I’m whoa outta shape and the climb up from the river to the parking lot was more challenging than I had bargained for.  My legs are gonna hurt like a sonofagun tomorrow.

I did finally arrive back at the car, winded and sweaty, but intact, and proceeded with the rest of the day’s errands, including doing the grocery shopping, swinging by the post office, dropping a note with the Formulary’s Letter at my doctor’s office for her perusal, stopping at the CVS to chat with the pharmacist on the same topic — she hadn’t heard anything about the change, and couldn’t speculate as to whether the copay will go up.  After lunch, I’ll decide if I’m curious/aggravated enough to call the health insurance company.

Speaking of the post office — someone kindly sent me a birthday card, which is much appreciated.  However, I feel obligated to point out that my birthday is in September; Steve’s birthday is on July 31.  He’s a Leo; I’m a Black Knight.

The Plan, going forward, is that I will go for another walk on Wednesday morning, choosing another short and easy trail.

And now, Virtue having been served; it’s time to go to work.

Today’s blog post brought to you by Eddie Grant, “Electric Avenue.”  Here’s your link.

Belle, as lion.
Belle, as lion.

6 thoughts on “Dealin’ in multiplication; an’ they still can’t feed everyone”

  1. You and Belle are fortunate in each other. She’s clearly relaxed and happy in her new home, and you have a wonderful new cat to take pictures of.

    Happy Birthday (late) to Steve, and Happy Birthday (early) to you, since I’m likely to be snowed under when yours actually arrives.

  2. Well, the heat arrived down here earlier than up there, of course, so my “thought about” (“planned” is a little too advertent) hour’s walk did not happen. Instead I spent way too long submitting a poem, looking at National Park Artist Residencies, surfing Facebook, and researching writers’ conferences in Colorado that might give me something to do while visiting my older brother in Boulder. It is now 2:30 and REALLY hot, so I guess the walk isn’t going to happen. Maybe I’ll clean out the closet instead, and listen to people discuss the finer points of making poems — which I haven’t done today either, make poems that is.

    I did discover the (free) Jaipur Literary Festival in Boulder — yes, Jaipur as in India — in September. This could be a plan.

  3. Mostly, it’s an in-joke, based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. I am one of the Rarer Types (INTJ; info here:, which tends to be a little scary to people who put a lot of faith in the Myers-Briggs. It’s kind of the perfect personality type for axe-murderers (full disclosure: I am not an axe-murderer).

    Anyhow, a buncha years ago, there was a team-building game based on the Myers-Briggs called Kingdomality. When I took the test, I came up as — surprise! INTJ (full disclosure: I AM consistent). And in game, the INTJs are called “Black Knights.” Which, predictably enough, I adored. More info here:

    So, when people ask me what my sign is, or what my type is (which, as I now lack a day-job, or any need to be part of a “team,” doesn’t come up any more, thank GHOD), I tell them I’m a Black Knight.

    In terms of Steve being a Leo, I’m a Virgo.

  4. Not really, the reservations are on the Western slope (west side of the continental divide. My avatar name comes from horse training in my younger years. I still have a couple now that I don’t train and get to enjoy them more.

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