Sufficient unto the day are the celebrations thereof

…or something.

Let it be known that today is Princess Jasmine Sprite’s third birthday.  She decreed naps for all and retired to The Royal Rolling Duffle Bag in the cool, dim basement, and so present an Example worthy of a princess.

I arose early, expressed my felicitations to Her Warrior Princessness, and left for a date with the Vampyres, who withdrew their tithe, and freed me to breakfast with Steve at Governor’s.  It’s a hot, sunny day, and we briefly toyed with taking the new car on a run to the ocean, but Responsibility won out, as it so seldom does, and instead we did the grocery shopping and came home to a half-day of work, since we had promised ourselves — Tomorrow!  We will go back onto The Schedule.

Yesterday, I read the first half of Alliance of Equals, today’s plan is to finish the second half.

Yeah, it’s tough, but someone has to do it.

I also hope, today, to return my Asus netbook, aka The Leewit, to Factory Settings and offer it for sale, since I no longer use it.

. . and that’s probably enough for a sultry Monday in July.  Wouldn’t want to work up a sweat, after all.

I hope everyone is experiencing a delightful beginning to their week.

A recent picture of the Princess at work
A recent picture of the Princess at work

5 thoughts on “Sufficient unto the day are the celebrations thereof”

  1. it was our two girls birthday on the 4th. They had a lovely day except for the idiots shooting of illegal fireworks!.

  2. Ah, so happy you reminded me of The Leewit. One of my favorite books from middle school!

  3. Her Highness’s sleep rays have reached me in NY. I CANNOT stay awake for anything. I surrender

  4. Happy Birthday to Her Highness. I see she has mastered the Two Basket Lounge. Congratulations and condolences on being an Adult today.

    I just got back from running a friend to the hospital for cataract surgery and – because the person ahead of her had dramatic (and traumatic to the staff) complications, her surgery was 5 hours past due. For someone who stopped eating and drinking at 10 pm the day before, she was rightly grumpy.
    Once underway, everything went smoothly and straightforwardly and I delivered her into the arms of her DH. I hope she can sleep off the aftereffects of the anesthesia. Man, note to self – if I ever get to go through this, I’m booking the very first appointment if I can. I would have been beyond grumpy.
    Jackie and I ran a perimeter check it looks like just before this thunderstorm rolls in.

  5. Thrilled to know that my amazing daughter shares the royal Birthday!! I wondered why I was very sleepy all day yesterday. The Princess Sprite is strong in the Napping Force!

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