Thursday at the Cat Farm

Slept late, had a leisurely breakfast with my lovely and talented spouse of many years, finished up such raking as I can do of the pine chips under the deck, sat for a while in the Cat Garden, which came All Over dandelions while we were away and is pretty much going to be Jungle this year, and considered the notion that I need to bury Mozart’s ashes.   Came inside and brushed two coon cats, also giving one a front-paws manicure.  Sat down at the computer to see what I might like to write next — Steve is lead on The Gathering Edge, since — solely my own fault! — I was lead on Dragon and Alliance.  Been thinking about indulging myself with another Archers Beach novel, or maybe finishing up the third book in the mystery trilogy, or, yanno, writing another story about Tommy Lee, since he has at least one, and possibly two, more owed him.

My brain, however, informs me that it’s forgotten how to write.


This is always a scary event, though it happens — or least, has happened — to me frequently.  I’ve always had to have time to recharge after finishing a novel, and both Dragon and Alliance were very difficult books to write, in life situations that were unique, but similarly challenging.  Still, yes, scary, because, though my brain has, historically, and eventually, remembered how to write — what if, this time, it doesn’t?

What?  I’m a writer; I can find angst in a bowl of corn flakes.

So!  Today’s schedule, seeing as there’s no writing getting done at this desk, save a blog post and a couple of outstanding emails, today’s schedule includes going into town to deposit a reimbursement check and pick up whatever the heck prescription CVS is on about, researching local builders of garages, and also home improvement loans.  That’ll be fun.  For recharge, I’ll spend some time with my current book — A Little Princess, which I somehow have never read, though I’ve probably re-read The Secret Garden at least 50 times.  Lovely sentences.  Need to figure out how to see some stories, too — so! also today need to research internet streaming services and costs.

That looks like a full day, right there.

What’re you doing that’s fun?

9 thoughts on “Thursday at the Cat Farm”

  1. How about a follow up/story building on the Tomorrow Log? I find myself fascinated with the issues of the generation ships…and what happens next when those folks finally get to leave their planet now that they can…

    Gasp! – a Little Princess is one of my favorites, from early in my childhood. It was a staple in the “must read” list or my mom’s whole family (ok – all the women – g’ma, my mom and 3 aunts). I suspect is was used to help build a core family ethic – “You are never so poor/in need that you can’t help someone else.” (Poor Sara and her one bun…’let’s pretend’ indeed)

    Once you’re done with that, I recommend Little Lord Fauntleroy – as it is “the 3rd” in the set – a bit more ‘saccharine’ in my opinion, but shows the author’s view of an ‘American’ in a British uppercrust setting for the time period.

  2. I discovered last night an unread ebook I earned on Kickstarter – ‘Rosaria of Venice’ by Aaron M. Miner. So, I started reading it. At 1am I stopped, knowing that if I did not, the sun would rise and I’d not be rested for the day. I crave to dive back in, but duty places higher priority – things must be done before I can reward myself with more. Seeing as I’m in Phoenix, and we’re under a heat advisory, outdoor activity will be at a minimum, but I will still get Stuff done.

  3. I’m somewhere in the middle of the third Archers Beach book right now, so the possibility (however slight) that there may be More To Come is very pleasing!

  4. I get the impression your writing brain is like a cat that has to be enticed with New! Exciting! Possibilities! to get it out from under the couch.

    I had a rough night last night so it took awhile to get my brain in gear this morning. I did manage to test and pass 2 of my 6 change orders – but the release has 30 days to test so I feel like I’m on track. I owe the author track of Far Point some brain cells, also the Reisterstown Rec Council Board, but I have a feeling I must delay that until after a simple lunch.

    Aigh, I see from my boss that I must put together a
    Self-Appraisal before the end of the week. I remembered to write down what I did this year but I have to find the Safe Place(tm) I put that in!

    It’s hot here now that the clouds have blown away – I wouldn’t mind some more of TS Bill but it’s not supposed to show until Sunday. Ah well.

    GOod luck with your errands.

  5. Oh please, please more stories about Tommy Lee. And Archer’s Beach And… Just, may I have some more, please?

    But first and foremost a guilt-free, well earned rest for the brain and writing muscles so that you rise refreshed, with the wellspring of creative juices bubbling and overflowing. How’s that for a lofty and weird visual image?

    In other words, Chill Out. You’ve earned it!

    Anne in Virginia

  6. Well, you haven’t forgotten completely how to write, as you are writing this blog even now, and you definitely have a voice and manner which takes the reader away from where they are and what they are doing, and puts them Somewhere Else. I’d be happy to read a book with the main character as a writer with a writing partner and feline assistants, who is writing a blog about the vagaries of writing and living and paying for it all…you know this story! Simply put, whatever you write, I will read and be happy you wrote it. If you do not write, I will wait, and hope. If the cats write and put your name on it–or has that already happened? Anyway, thank you for so many years of enjoyment, both in your books, and in your articles, blogs and cat spam! You do what you need to, and know that we will all be here. Rereading, in the meantime.

  7. I know that most Liaden work is under contract but I wanted you to know that if you felt like working with Shan and Priscilla Ride Again and turning into a novel I would give 3 cheers (as well as buying the e-arc and the e-book). Perhaps this would be nice as you have someplace to start.

  8. A day of relative rest is a blessing. I believe that when my brain feels absent, it is just busy organizing itself for the future.

    My vote is for Archer’s Beach. Or the mystery. Although whatever floats to the top will be wonderful and welcome.

  9. You might like Frances H. Burnett’s short stories, “Racketty-Packetty House” (younger, but fun) and “The White People” (intriguing -not about race). Both are free e-books. I would also love a return to Archers Beach. Enjoy your rest, and happy writing when inspiration hits : )

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