She’s a good girl; loves her momma, loves Jesus and America, too

Trooper and Sprite got me out of bed at 5:30 and demanded that I give them 100 breakfast, after which I did some minor odds and ends that needed to be done, and sorted out the latest batch of doctor’s bills in order to pay them.  Turns out that medical billing offices need a Very Close Eye Kept.  Who could have guessed?

The contractor and his crew arrived about 7:30, Steve and I had breakfast; I spent some time on the phone with medical billing people; went into town to accomplish two errands I had forgotten yesterday, did some bookkeeping, cleaned the cat fountain, and in a few minutes, I’ll call it a day and retire to the couch for an hour to read.  I’ve got the first Charlie Fox book (by Zoe Sharp), who is, by repute, anyway, Corinna’s polar opposite.

The crew got done with the chimney around 10:00 and hauled out, promising an invoice RSN.  Steve then called the drywall guy, who promised to come by around 5-ish today.  I note that it is somewhat past 5-ish and we have seen neither whisker nor tail.

Tomorrow Steve and I will head south, via the leisurely route, stop for a modest picnic along the way, and arrive to interview Belle at the agreed-upon time.  If all goes well — and we expect it will — we’ll bring her with us back to Maine by a slightly less leisurely route.

One of the day’s excitements was the apparent failure of my mp3 player, a Sansa Clip.  I plugged it into the computer to charge, and found that the computer wouldn’t recognize it, no matter which USB port I plugged it into, and even though the computer could see other devices plugged into the USB port with the same wire.  Despite being invisible and seemingly locked in Constant Reboot, eventually the Clip informed me that it had refreshed my media and that it was 100% charged.  I am doubtful, but willing to play.  We shall see.

And! to cap the events of the day, the interview we did a couple weeks ago with Katy England from the Maine Edge, is now live.  Here’s your link.

Today’s blog title is brought to you by Tom Petty, “Free Fallin.”  Here’s your link.


2 thoughts on “She’s a good girl; loves her momma, loves Jesus and America, too”

  1. Are you interviewing Belle? Is she interviewing you? Or is it some of both? Good luck with the journey and the encounter.

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