News and reminders, with bonus glossy ibis

For those who have been waiting for BN to make the Nook edition of Dragon in Exile available:  Your patience has been rewarded.  Here’s your link to the Nook Edition at BN.

Reminder!  Uncle Hugo’s is offering personalized and/or signed copies of A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3.  There is, as usual, a deadline for preorders of the personalized copies, that being Wednesday, July 1.  Click this link for table of contents, instructions, and an order form.

We — that’s Sharon Lee and Steve Miller — will be Writer Guests of Honor at RavenCon 2016, joining Vincent diFate as Artist GoH.  RavenCon 2016 will be held April 29-May 1, in Williamsburg, which is very cool.  It’s been, like, 50 years since I’ve been in Williamsburg.   Here’s your link.

We — that’s Steve Miller and Sharon Lee — will ALSO be guests at BaltiCon’s 50th Anniversary Convention, to be held May 27-30, 2016, at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore.  Guests of Honor will be George RR Martin, John Picacio, Bill and Gretchen Roper, and Alexandra Duncan.  Also present will be as many of Balticon’s past GoHs as can be brought to the event.  Lee and Miller were Writer GoHs at Balticon 37, in 2003.  Here’s your link.

Also!  We expect to be able to point you very soon to a source for Liaden themed clothing.  So, yanno:  Watch the skies.

For those who have been following the Epic of Selling the House — due to events well beyond our control, we have taken our house off the market.  Current plans include having a garage built, to help take some of the pressure off, come winter.  Also, we get to put the Yule lights back up in the kitchen.

After Monday’s adventures, we were scheduled to take Kineo in to Charlie’s Subaru for a routine 2,000 mile inspection.  Everything was fine, except they had to change an oil filter, and off we went — to the ocean.  It was a grey and rainy day, and Old Orchard Beach is still not quite open for bidness.  My first choice for lunch — Pirate’s Patio on the beach — was closed.  Second choice, the newly formulated Duffy’s Tavern — was having its Grand Opening on Friday.  JJ’s Two is our usual fallback position, but Steve pointed out that we had never been to The Clambake, in Pine Point, so that’s where we ate lunch — on the glassed-in back porch, right on the marsh.  We were a little behind the usual lunch hour, so practically had the porch to ourselves, and dawdled over lunch and ice tea, watching the birds.  Including a bird neither of us had ever seen before — a juvenile glossy ibis.  Here are some pictures of a similar bird, spotted at Dunstan’s Landing in 2012.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print.


2 thoughts on “News and reminders, with bonus glossy ibis”

  1. Well, you’ll appreciate the garage, I can tell you that.

    Good grief, you’re going to be in southern Virginia in early May, then central Maryland for the end of May? Are you going to go all the way back North and South again? Yeesh. Or maybe you’ll be able to get a mini-tour in and around the area? Either way, yeesh.

    I’m glad you made it to your beach. I’ve been kayaking a couple of times with a friend but the beach is a different animal.

  2. Yeah, I know. On the one hand, I hate to leave the cats — as they have it — “alone” for a month. On the other hand, South-and-North-AND-South-and-North is a fast way to put 4,000 miles on a car — not to mention a pair of writers. Hey, maybe we can stay in Ocean City for a couple weeks.

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