If it’s Thursday, it must be Milford

As predicted in a previous Thrilling Episode, Steve and I boarded the Downeaster at Brunswick, Maine, at a ridiculously early hour.  We settled in, to watch the rain through the windows and eat our carry-on sandwiches and nap a little.  The train was an hour late, because of on going track work, and we arrived at North Station a little before 11:00, where we were met by our intrepid drive, and whisked off to our hotel.

We got settled in, went out in to the rain in search of lunch, had a nap, and in due time met our driver once again and headed out to Cambridge, and Pandemonium Books for the big Dragon in Exile Release Day Party.

There was NO ONE driving in Boston to hinder our progress and we arrived in good time to have a nice chat with Tyler and John, and to admire the spaceships on the ceiling, and to chat with people as they came in.  We had a good crowd, including many, many familiar faces.  Tyler set out a lovely wine-and-cheese-and-fruit spread, and we all had a good time talking about all kinds of interesting stuff, including the Liaden Universe®, our writing process, and, of course, cats.

Yesterday, we traveled to Toadstool Books in Keene, NH, where we met with the writing group. We had a lively and intense discussion, and had a special visitation from an Original Green Liaden Universe® t-shirt.

Tonight!  We’ll be at Toadstool Books in Milford, NH at 6:30.  Come by and see us if you’re in the area!

Fans of the Office Staff will be pleased to learn that Trooper and Scrabble are on the case, and helping the housesitter keep the Cat Farm secure until our return.  Princess Sprite has retired her aerie, where, one speculates, she is working on her memoirs.


3 thoughts on “If it’s Thursday, it must be Milford”

  1. You really should publish La Princessa’s memoirs someday soon, you know. Though we plebeians are not worthy of her Royal Catness’s golden words we would, nevertheless, be beyond thrilled to receive them.

  2. I really enjoyed meeting you in Keene, but one thing’s bugging me. I didn’t write down the name of your website where you (collectively) publish short stories, and it doesn’t seem to be linked from korval.com or this website. What’s the URL, please?

  3. Sorry! After I posted the last comment, I went a little further back in the blog and found the link to http://splinteruniverse.com/. Feel free to post both or neither of my comments. (Still think linking to Splinter Universe in some additional way on your websites would be helpful, next time you update your design).

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