Her whole world’s come undone

So, rain here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory as Cat Chess continues.  Belle appears to be jockeying for position; she is a mom cat of some seniority, and seems determined that she will not be Least Cat.  This is admirable, but sadly leaves Princess Sprite — two years Belle’s junior, and not politically adroit — at something of a disadvantage.  Plus, before Belle’s arrival, Sprite had Strangers in the House changing out her chimney — an experience I will myself place at an 8 on a stress scale where 1 is not at all distressing, and 10 is so distressing I want to run away — and thus began the game in a state of disarray.

So, Sprite is being a bit hang-cat, and somewhat skittish. Also, she seems to have caught a cold, and is taken with sneezing fits.  Could be stress, but we’re keeping a Close Eye.

Speaking of stress, last night Steve and I just hit a wall, threw up our hands, and dug out the DVD of The Music Man.  By which I mean the Robert Preston Music Man.  Yes, I know there’s been a remake, but if it’s not Robert Preston and Shirley Jones, it’s not The Music Man.  And it did the trick, silly movie that it is. The final scene, where the band marches out of Town Hall in all its splendor and sophistication, always tears me up.

This morning at the Confusion Factory, it’s dishes, then back to laundry.  I’ll be spending a good portion of the day on the sofa, reading Dragon in Exile in prep for The Gathering Edge.

Speaking of prep, there was a call for a snippet from Alliance of Equals, which I will be reading directly after Dragon.  We aim to please:

“Here we have a subject. I shall influence him to an action, while you will seek to influence him to a different action. Thus, we shall test your innate ability.”

Today’s blog post title is brought to you by Aerosmith, “Janie’s Got a Gun.”  Here’s your link.

Belle on top of Steve's desk.
Belle on top of Steve’s desk.


7 thoughts on “Her whole world’s come undone”

  1. When I took a sneezing Aska to the vet, we discovered she had allergies. He suggested we use A/C rather than open windows. Mom, who refused to have A/C for her own comfort, was willing to have it for the cat’s well-being.
    With all the dust from chimney demolition, wall destruction, and dry-wall construction, I’m surprised you’re not all sneezing up a storm.

  2. About the snippet: Whoa! This going to be good!
    About Princes Sprite: I agree with Pat Lang, She (The Princess, you understand) may have retreated to a less oft used, or entirely new, “thoughtful spot” to consider the new demographic.

    Oh, and, thank you!

  3. Ya, I would say ash, concrete dust, and plaster dust are probably strong factors in Princess Sprite’s sneezing distress. Poor thing! Have you an air filter? If not, I know that humidity is like 200% right now but lightly misting the rooms she occupies with a spray bottle of water with a splash of vinegar might help.
    Thank you for the snippet. It is like looking at the dessert case on you way to the table in your favorite diner. I promise I will eat ALL my vegetables AND do all my homework if I can have a slice of EACH! LOL

  4. Bridget, (forgive me, Sharon) You REALLY NEED TO WRITE! MORE! I don’t know what. I read your comment and laughed. (it could be the hour, or the rum….but ….) Write and do copies so your heirs, and we, may benefit.

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