Getting ready to leave town

So, last night, Steve and I turned Alliance of Equals, the 19th novel in the Liaden Universe®, in to Madame the Editor at Baen.

This morning, we posted the seventh chapter of Shan and Priscilla Ride Again.  Here’s your link.

Tomorrow, we’re getting on the Downeaster at Oh Ghod O’Clock, heading for Boston and the first stop on the Lightning Northeast Book Tour in Support of Dragon in Exile.

Today, we still need to do an InfoDump, pack, hand off the keys to the house-sitter — and I need to clean off my desk.

Why do I need to clean off my desk, you ask?

This is why:

Creativity is messy
Creativity is messy

Also?  the milk crate in the bottom right of the picture is full of Alliance-related papers, too.

So!  What’re you doing today that’s fun?


OK; that's better
OK; that’s better

8 thoughts on “Getting ready to leave town”

  1. A character finally gets to commit a crime (to some) for a good cause. Should be fun to write if character will please quit obsessing over which ammunition is best. Another character about to meet character’s intended fate is coming down the passage and will shortly open the critical door. One knows the other is armed. The other isn’t sure about the one. Someone’s been messing about with ammunition in the armory. And weapons, which may or may not function as intended. Still fun to write.

  2. Today? Watching the ‘urgent’ release get deployed to Ops and hopefully getting the next not-so-urgent-hopefully release into test where I can break it before it goes live on the 16th. Reading. Making some phone calls to setup the weekend plans. Meh. Monday.

    Good luck getting up O’Dark Early to make the train at Oh Ghod O’Clock. Safe travels on the Northeast Galactic Tour.

  3. Suggest you turn Trooper loose on the problem of clearing off the desk. It seems he has a proven track record in this regard. Now if you want the desk items put away, that’s an entirely different problem.

  4. I have a sign on my door that says “Cyclone in Progress” and leave it at that. I do periodically re-organize the office, but your picture is the normal state for me, with the cat sitting on the chair in back of me and one or two dogs at my feet. I know where everything is (except the SF Giant’s tickets come to think of it) so why worry?

  5. Awaiting out of town friends for the 5¢ tour of Condo Chaos, then off to brunch/lunch/linner (depending on arrival of said guests). Light house keeping (to impress those friends) before the thermometer hits triple digits. Possible book reading or movie watching once the triple digit mark is reached. Otherwise, not much.

  6. I’m normally a little neater than this. While the project is in process, I can tolerate the clutter, because I do know where everything else. After the project is done, though, I have to clear away and start neat. Can’t begin a new project in the clutter of the old. It’s like some writers, who like to start each new project with a brand new yellow pad; you get the thrill of a new beginning.

  7. I call it “Oh stupid-thirty”, myself. NOT a morning person!

    Safe travels!

  8. Just letting you guys know that author Nalini Singh gave your book Dragon in Exile a plug in her USA Today interview today for her release Shards of Hope…

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