Houston, we have daffodil!

May 2, and the first of the Three Brave Daffodils trumpets its victory over winter.

Houston, we have daffodil
Houston, we have daffodil

Looks like I have some bulb-digging and separating in my future.  There’s, like, a sesquillion daffodils in that row, and they’re looking. . .rather crowded.

2 thoughts on “Houston, we have daffodil!”

  1. Hopefully your snow flurries are over and Spring can arrive. Very pretty!

  2. I hope some potential buyers notice and appreciate those heroic bulbs!

    This horrific winter inspired me to put in some daffodils, too, as soon as I saw them coming up in other people’s yards. I bought a flat of them in bloom and plunked them right in the ground. No idea if they will come up next year, but it certainly felt wonderful to do it.

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