Even more shameless self-promotion

There’s an interview with Steve and me up on the blog for Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester.  Here’s your link.

Also, if you haven’t read Necessity’s Child, you cannot categorically state that the authors did not tell you key things like where the agents came from or who the Bedel are. If you did read Necessity’s Child and you are still in the dark about these matters, then you need to re-read.

Also, also — Mouse and Dragon does include the first ever courier run for the good ship Ride the Luck, Aelliana Caylon, pilot-owner.  The third such run is detailed in the short story entitled “Courier Run.”

Also, also, also — It is never wise to poke an author with a stick, but it’s especially unwise to do so when she’s on deadline.

Bonus also!  There are many kinds of stories in the world, told at many different paces.  Knock ’em, sock ’em thrill-a-second is one kind of story.  Contemplative slow-moving rambles where nothing much happens during one perfect summer afternoon is another kind of story.  Neither kind of story is wrong; they are simply different.  A balanced reading diet will include many kinds of stories, and many genres, as a balanced food diet will include vegetables, and meats, and grains, and dairy.  Diversity is not a bad word; it is a way of life.  Or — you are what you eat.

And now, I’m going back to work, and Bast have mercy on the soul of the next person who disturbs me.

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